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Baby, pout

06.04.12 AN mostoften say ,often doing an action is pinched my face to say :baby ,pout .Although has not love love ,but I love truer ,like themselves. Since the day he send a message came.
I just restored some of the mood and fell to the bottom. To strengthen the world hate ,finish on the world of despair. But I am not so desperate ,I just don do things sloppily .School class ,the first two points ,do not have too many branches and overgrown ,also do not have too much love and didn ,all the people and objects are moving, only I stand.
Stand alone ,the whole world seems to ignore my existence ,they flow from all sides ,have their own direction ,and I could not think of the way back .I began to distinguish between love and didn .
Lost love resolution ,very terrible HH I have determined to forget ,why the reality is not allowed ?AN messages ,sister AN message ,so many people concern ,once let me go back to the past ,unknown to remind me ,this feeling is killing me! There are a lot of things in life, bed pillow ,bank cards ,all kinds of variety Account number ,password ,we shared a birthday ,world of Warcraft ,even the dormitory now use this table ,it is still with AN engraved crooked :&quot ;baby Nu Liu Ying &quot ;HH such a commitment, not long ,but Huangruogeshi .
See them ,I have beginning endless thought AN good .Before we are together ,one winter, my hands and feet becomes cold ,go to bed every night ,back at him, he will hand over to my waist pull ,not talking, just hug me to sleep.
Or I turned directly into the arms of a drill .A posture ,even asleep so maintained a fixed ,like love ,hides in the dream of life. In March 06, one day the second part long time did not come I was quite calm ,life is constantly repeated ,circulation ,day in and day out ,there will still be a lot of people ask me and AN ,also have composite chance, asked me if I can be of any help.
In fact ,I think it is impossible .On the AN ,about AN and me ,feel like the reincarnation ,he belongs to my memory part ,which belongs to a part of the past ,will not appear in my life for him .
,perhaps is the same Right .We are the same .But for too many people :X ,sea of new ,Hui ,do not regret the bovine HH such person is too much ,also count ,for them, for their good intentions or expectations, always feel guilty ,not guilty feeling, just feel a debt to them ,[turn] married detailed process ~ keep it ~ you don't have to, also can serve others planning,abuse their kindness .
They are so hopefully we can bury the hatchet ,Hui said more than once :I just regret for you .Do not regret the cow and said: you guys, justice ah .And so on .Sometimes with a person ,it is more than two things ,sometimes I can think ,I can ,is it right? Is that these have all kinds of connections with the complex relations, mutual friends ,the common life ?For so many years ,each time have the Spring Festival ,we are several people together.
I ,he ,incense ,sea of new ,sometimes thousands of Hui ,and sometimes kingkinghh so much of the day and night ,various holiday holiday holiday .I forgot my last birthday is very much ,but I know for sure is that we are in one piece.
The last five one ,and we went to HK ,seems to be the last ,and Chiang and the boss ,the four of us went to the last five one .,is the last and class cloud lake ,Two classes together ,very happy ,barbecue ,cooking ,playing HH I remember that he told me to play .
AN every time you teach me some of the things he loves ,football ,world of Warcraft ,Warcraft ,illegal ,he loved coaching I play CSh !Also like me and Pan Zhijing ,Fei they challenged the illegal ,thought at that time in the southern, Fei said left and right hands cross I ,forgot what, just remember AN aside kept by saying :Nu ,not afraid of ~ !Follow him than HH.
Also remembered before elective ,every class, should say hello to wear what dress to wear to go ,wear the most, is the Arsenal and 101 eternal,then plunge into two pigtails .Arsenal is the Garden Book ball gown ,101of their previous,a set of his ,a set is a bin ,he put back.
He biggest hobby ,is world of Warcraft and train me . AN hurt me, always pet me ,he never said to me: you don me like a baby, I don eat this one . AN pain I have hurt habit .Before him, I just a child ;in front of me, AN is also a child ;I want to spend a little time to arrange things between us ,and outcomes .
This love ,I don want to forget .Although sometimes I hate him .AN good to me .Remember when we go to Hunan ,go to before, because of WQ. Some effects ,for him ,the feelings between us ,and on our emotional trust some shake .
I began to sleep does not shut down, then sleep never turn off the machine .Also began endless insomnia this state all the time until recently and C together after completely OK I began to doubt my pain of the true extent maybe I did not I would so love AN AN also I do not think so well it was like a psychological ,now also has forgotten ,perhaps because of my sense of uncertainty that a period of time .
I am too much, too crazy .The people have been unable to control themselves .Do a lot of harm he also did a lot of harm themselves also hurt the feelings. Now,Garnett, a little regret ,a little guilt, regret not so sensible ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,but fortunately I grew up, not that again .
Later, I went to Hunan .They go to Guangxi. But before that ,I was a moment can not do without AN .Sometimes we evening in twelve downstairs said one evening ,and all day long stick together ,at night to sleep, I still don Go ,do not want to go ,then just on the University ,the new environment pressure is great and I think that is a lot of people have the experience deeply ,that I was too dependent on him .
Every time the AN will say that I would not go to kindergarten. Now think it is funny ,but that is AN has given the way I talk .I wrote this diary ,there is no thought ,what they want to say, I wrote what I remembered .
Too dependent on him, I was wrong ,that it is our first setback ,is to go to Hunan ,we WQ event .The first departure ,if we go that day they still in class ,the Li Shougang class ,go to North East Gate painted steel ,sketch strokes .
Remember when he usually painted very sloppy homework it ,but usually scores are relatively high. He has. That gave me the day I remember me was moved to miss their living quarters ,simply do not want to go back to 412,now say it might have names ,but I don a lot of things .
I remember the day before ,we all things ,all things that are in the dormitory clean ready leave the good .Die for this School water stopped for a night ,seems to have notice ,but we didn see HH when we lay down their beds at dawn, I was sleeping and long jade crystal bed ,can at night ,because it is so quilt ah what are put away .
Wang Chunhai also funny .To call up. His call up or make a sound of hang on to it that, when you are killing us ,he lived in A3. Early in the morning do not know how many points we went out ,calling each other with luggage and go forward with great strength and vigour in the east gate ,a collection of .
AN live in Southern District ,and Fei together. Let me go get something to eat, I don ,AN bought me a breakfast to eat on the way ,I drink milk habit ,habit is to turn out a lot of AN .
AN always loved to watch me eat a lot of things ,think of last term, we all day in the room alone, one afternoon ,ran to buy cakes ,sometimes I am too lazy to go out ,he would stop to let me help him play him to buy me ,remembered that he let me help him brush battlefield situation .
AN always very encouraged me to eat it ,do not know why he was so keen ,spoil my . AN like to buy me all sorts of delicious ,hi Like walking on the road not to mind taking the trouble of mimicking me imitate me this and that, every time ,make me angry ,really angry ,angry ,he will stop to speak to learn you don mess with you .
Always be him with angry, often acting as both angry .Haha very funny. But never mind and fly do not know where to go .Then came back and said ,send me on the train ,AN said to me what is called them for help.
I know .First from him, even before I in that in eight one he so long a period of time ,I have no think we separated. This time, perhaps because some heart cool .In conclusion to the later case ,reverse ,AN began to say I am not at ,he is to want me, how boring boring .
AN may never know at that time I was bad sometimes I put off ,mobile phone mute the plug in the pillow and ran out to play ,to watch TV ,is a kind of revenge ,is also a kind of inattentive.
Then feel sorry for him, for that he is really want me to send me ,I always stick to him ,with my AN ,sticking his somewhat impatient .But from what time First ,I started getting ?From WQ event, not long after ,I remember that I started my decadent life .
And YJ shopping, strolling around ,do a foil hot, later changed to many kinds of fancy roll ,hot dye ` dyed hot I also remember not very clear .Began to hate ,hate too observant of conventional standards.
Good !I remember in the A5 ,in front of them open the cosmetic box my old heart ,now more than despair .For a long time I do not know how to close your eyes and mind mind or messy blank so I have been his eyes began to think a lot of things I don know what I ,feel what is actually a series of no significance in revenge.
But why don At that time the most profound feeling is to understand a word: real people grow up way is very cruel. But also let I remember a person :five love .At that time gave me a lot of help is not mentally or in life, perhaps these for her is a small thing ,but for me it means a lot ,she brought me a small circle of feeling that I am very touched and thankful in Phoenix ,Our day to sketch ,to play, to East ramble ramble on the west ,take pictures back to drawing HH night looking for a place to play ,look for good things to eat ,watch TV ,play cards ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,shopping HH many things ,we play together ,and then boring things will become very interesting .
At that time I felt my free, out of love shadow and control ,can leave my AN can still breathe .But the fact that I was wrong ,it was only a short time ,we are going to Hongqiao in the evening supper ,Phoenix small ,everywhere can touch to get everyone in my class ,everybody is not idle, have come out to ramble ,and Phoenix place to go on a bit ,so can always touch the is a very happy ,lets the person mood very good thing .
We eat barbecue ,we drink beer mug ,where the bulk beer is good, I remember very clearly .I think of AN ,AN always won A little wine ,every time out ,whether playing ball ,playing the game out to celebrate or party ,or ,to play what are good, AN is forbid me to drink ,he said nothing ,only eyes staring at me ,someone gave me down, he took it up to this point .
,AN is very bossy great man .I have nothing Like to drink ,wine tastes better what ,let him mind nothing bad ,why have against him singing .Also doesn to play outside ,there is no fun ,I only love and AN together ,what it doesn .
I have no friends ,so he think self-discipline ,too ,now I really do not know is good or bad. In Phoenix ,we sometimes run out to buy a few bottles of beer back in the room to drink ,one for one ,drink while watch TV ,while drinking with the lights off talking.
Finally ,the bottles of beer was not finished .Then I and China Rainbow and handsome ,a room ,four bed ,I and a piece of ,handsome and rainbow each one, leave a piece of bed we used for luggage .
I and China and handsome is how good ah .Just then why we and China would become like this ,I really don .We group ,every day finish drawing the picture ,just ten person thinking of where to eat, where food is more delicious ` Oh ,uncle ,then is the team leader ,we each intersection money ,is a small group of people go forward with great strength and vigour to eat ,buy watermelon back cut everybody.
Phoenix everywhere everywhere are feeling of watermelon watermelon ,these are not .On Phoenix memory ,first down here Now ,one thing to mention is that ,before I go to Hunan one day, AN suddenly texted me :&quot ;baby ,now I sleep is not shutdown .
You don I will not close ,if you can at night to find me hh&quot ;at that time .I don what it feels like ,AN always careless never worried about my little mind ,he hard. But at that time I have been forgotten him.
Want to downplay her feelings for him ,pretending to have look. But then we together have 123three and a half years,difference not much together every day life ,feelings of nature is very deep .
Up to now ,still a lot of people say ,see we feel good, together for so many years we still feel good. I go out sketching ,drawing it ,thinking of AN ,with their shopping, bought it only in Hunan wore took many photos of the Striped T-shirt ,then as if has been rarely wear ,they agreed to try to buy good ,not the type I like, I just like a beautiful dress ,bought AN a green striped T-shirt AN have been wearing .
XX will always be in the school gave him buy some clothes to send back ,AN is very happy ,there are Mody two loves his people around .Finally leaving the Phoenix ,to see my AN . AN in Liuzhou, me and Lin Jie a hero to the Guilin, to wait for him.
Get a ticket ,got into the car ,I began to miss AN ,I shall see my AN .Although only a short period of time see .To Guilin, we found a place to stay ,so AN.AN bought me a lot of small gifts ,Happy Valentine's Day!,Ling Jie said really do not understand how he would be so obsessed with her .
Li Ping said to me ,said she was shocked Xiaoling sister with the word that she is more than infatuation .A time to repeat this sentence .I have more than once heard Xiao Li give me this thing .
I know . AN is good to me. I know they are surprised that our feelings are so deep, so better . AN such a short-tempered thick lines ,and why I always spoke like a child. I do not know, I have not touched.
I think that AN is to know him well, AN know . AN despite everything is not good, but also spoil me .Our relationship is also friends ,relatives ,or an accomplice . AN know I good for him ,such mutual holding each other ,I think ,has been rarely seen .
In front of others ,AN always smugness ,loudly singing loudly. But in front of me, AN has only one child .AN smoke, long .Before the big time I don know when he started .But one day he in me there, don when what to say ,hand on my face, put on my face when I found it .
he found out ,I see no response ,sniff finger and said you know ?At that time ,I go to school ,he does not know what to do .Don at Chen Xin to live .During that time ,I don what he .
He often comes to see me, in my next nights later. We .Get up in the morning ,go to school .I always sat stunned does not want to move .Put a sock on the shoe foot leg to AN a ,AN will give me good the shoelace ,a towel to wipe my face.
I always think about these small details. Remember a time when I will be late for school ,he lost his temper ,he called ,I overslept .Take it out on him ,then send me to school he goes to play .
Oh HH everyday. Later, AN went back ,I was basically in the dormitory ,in our roast suckling pig ,two buildings ,and Dan Meng Cai The three of us, always together .AN ,a lot of people don ,AN didn before .
AN is to I get a lot of flowers ,from the start of the cheap ,small BU ,small Nu ,later the baby hh.AN most often give me a word ,often I do an action is pinched my face said: baby ,pout .
AN not to eat watermelon ,do not drink milk ,not rain umbrella ,angry is not playing .We always follow like a shadow .AN is very good to me ,if next to him ,AN is not good ,I think ,I really hard to love .
I want, not look bright. I want, just a can rely on each other for their feelings . AN gone ,next to him ,in where? Think of many people say ,we have a model .A model couple. Five years ,a person ,can be how many five years ?What is the reason to this end ,I also don .
Also important .We also could not go back ,but I do not want to forget him .Do not want to forget and I walked so much AN ,we separate the reason of ,no one who is sorry .To this day ,I also want .
As long as in my heart forever love ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,AN will never Disappear . AN ,will always be at my side .Maybe one day AN is not AN ,but at that time ,belongs to me he will appear ,so ,calm ,so many years ,and AN together ,together to have not used to home ,anyway also nobody accompany me .
My mother give me a message asking me :do you want your dad and I got married respectively he can find his own love me not with him. I is a great pressure is not for your sake I don say ;then I can find a what if I talk to your Dad together HH.
Ask can you blame her HH. In fact ,I totally understand her, completely understanding father .Who I don them .Maybe grandma ,aunt ,father will say how grandma ,uncle ,their mother ,and how HH.
I who also do not blame .Because they are my mom and Dad ,no matter how they decide ,choose what kind of life ,I have no qualification to blame ,complain about what they .Perhaps this is me to others without the requirement for it.
I grew up in the Lin Gang family ,out of habit, not to be who I do .But AN not the same, AN is for so many years stay by my side of the family, so I He always has love feelings. I say, unless he first give up me ,maybe my feelings for him are the family .
Don .Who knows. In short is the emotional dependence .Fortunately, AN is good for me .Now I AN not, I am a person ,also not afraid .Casually .In fact ,all the people were in my life my world alive.
They no matter where I am, I also ignore them .So long, they walk away ,still not in my side ,what is important, I am 21 years old ,so many years, they never have in my side .My heart, since the AN began to have memory .
When so many things ,I do not remember, I remember only from the age of 6, I am a person outside ,in the school .Also remember Huang Surong and ,in addition to them, that is AN .Memory ,is from and AN together to start the year ,listening to the AN told me that he had something a child, says sweet and his brother fight, give me his home, many HH maybe life is since then have meaning.
And AN together, we always said that in the future ,we will have their own home, will have their own children .People always say Yuxiao fool Filial piety ,I to AN ,is folly. What ?For we desire,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, take it as a belief to be viewed.
At this point ,I think AN too. His will for our conception of future moved. I really like children ,when I have children of their own ,I will take a good love her ( he ) .This, perhaps I was still a little strange mother ,she what is good, I just don her heart with me.
I know she still love me ,I know that she and Dad ,which one the less I can .Especially dad ,if I die ,I really don how he wishes to live, so long, I know ,I spiritual prop ,everything he does is also entirely to me.
From when I was young I know ,from my little when you know ,dad is the love of my people, my mother always there are many important than I do, I didn mom what ,also did not play. But I don blame her ,also understand her ,perhaps the beginning not used her to give me anything, so there is no requirement .
And I in AN emotional dependence ,also don when to stop .Whatever. .anyway,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com, what are the same .They too .I am not so vulnerable people ,only in the AN side for a long time ,forget Remember how to breathe before independence .
No matter what, only AN. I found in AN gone ,my friend was an unprecedented increase quickly. I used too closed myself ?Because AN causes ?Nothing .I have learned a person If you don me that love ,that we don start now.
No one who would be a shadow. But I have been looking for is so warm and calm love .The other ,is not important to me .So ,will and AN walked walked for so long .AN .I don him. Which also have my reasons .
We have the right to blame .Sometimes life is so, after three five years we look .Now I don ,because of fear of disappointing. Also do not want to let AN see me now ,is also afraid of disappointing him.
We they go back to the past . AN ,thank you ,now that so many people like you ,call me nu. Some things past ,just let it go . because of our ignorance .A good start. &quot ;I paid

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