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The man dress Charm

Male dress sense ( collection of man :a ) approach in smart clothes man ,his shirt collar opening ,belt buckle and pants front aperture should be in one line. Said belt buckle ,if you tie ,tie tip can never touch the belt buckle !1unless you are in atie ,otherwise, no matter when and where to loosen his tie is very impolite.
2a smartsuit and tie will make a man look very smart ,and a good suit but no tie ,will make him look more modern. 3 if youwear a suit ,but no tie ,can the slippers ,if you tie ,you never can .
4 buy a newshirt ,if in the neck and collar interposed between two fingers ,and then explain this shirt washed after the still very fit. 5throughman to wear on the inside of the indistinct see T-shirt ,as the woman wears out it briefs pants as awkward .
6 if not aprofessional hand wash ,a 300plurality ofshirts soon cost only 25 yuan.7 spiritualstyle ,a good pair of shoes ,more than an expensive suit. 8a pair of$90 shoes life should be 180 A pair of shoes half, and 1000 yuan for a pair of shoes will last a lifetime.
9If you are wearing athree button suit ,can only the first button ,may also be fastened above two buttons, is not just below a ,while the top two buttons to open .10wearthe double-breasted suit all the buttons not a buckle ,in particular the collar buttons .
11 if you gosomewhere not sure what to wear, so long focus than casual much stronger ,people will think you are then going to a more important occasions !12a cheapcashmere sweater is actually much better than a good bit of the woollen sweater more soft ,comfortable.
13unless you are arugby player ,or do not put any name and relevant letter or number worn on the body. Under 14.45 years of age you prematurely on the pipe mouth ,also do not wear that shallow round toque .
15wear nocover the ankle socks is worse for wear did not cover the ankle socks with lattice .Dress must not wear white socks. 16in any case,you don have too much Khaki step casual wear ,the white cotton T-shirt or thick canvas shoes ,only a week after a week Six .
Men with skills in silver grey ,white suit ,suitable for wearing red ,red ,green ,blue ,brown and black tie ,can give a person with quiet ,beautiful ,natural and unrestrained feeling. In the red ,purple suits, suitable for wearing white ,cream ,grey ,blue ,emerald green tie ,to display a kind of elegant and luxurious effect .
Wearing a dark blue, dark green suit ,suitable for wearing orange ,white ,light blue ,pink tie, so wear Dai Hui gave people a deep ,subtle beauty. Wearing a brown, dark green suit ,suitable for wearing blue ,cream ,orange and yellow tie ,will show a delicate and elegant demeanor .
Wear black ,brown suit ,suitable for wearing silver-gray ,milky white ,blue ,white and red stripes or blue-black striped tie ,it will become even more dignified and generous. In suits and ties ,shirts with how? Does not suit tie ,but not a formal ,not suitable for formal occasions about playing .
Tie it may have a lot of attention .Have a look first to tie color and pattern ,general plain ,twill ,dots ,and geometric patterns are able to tie with any suit or shirt with style .But To be noted is the Paramecium pattern, but only in casual wear ,at work, it is best to avoid using ,otherwise it will be easy .
Come to have a look the tie three styles: the tie style in tie width ,common tie width is 8m9 cmwide ,up to 12 cm ,the most narrow only 5-7 cm.Tie basically divided into three types ,you can according to their own preferences to select .
Yes, seasonal tie in general is very learned ,in the hot summer best to wear silk and silk of soft materials such as tie ,tie knot should play a relatively small ,gives a refreshing feeling. In the autumn and winter color is necessary in order to warm-based ,such as deep red ,brown ,warm tone in the vision will have a warm feeling.
In spring and summer can be cool ,warm tone as a supplement. So how neckties and suits shirt match ?A with the three single ,that is to say three monochrome together in general insurance .
Or two single flower ,this attire you must pay attention to, of which only a pattern of either the shirt ,tie and suit ,The bad weather, the hot summer has come 12W+4D ,then the pattern of colors must be The other two colors one .
Yes, there are two flowers single. If you want to dress like this when it is necessary to note: when there are two figures or patterns ,which must be pioneer pattern intensity and pattern trend.
If wear straight stripe suit or shirt will have to avoid the use of straight lines or stripes tie ,preferably with twill ,dots or Paramecium color no directional tie better. Then we look at the color matching principle: silver ,white suit with red tie ,red ,purple suit with white tie ,dark blue ,dark green suit with yellow ,brown ,dark green, rose tie ,revering the blue tie suit details of the grade .
As the saying goes ,although it is not male compatriots while wear a suit ,but in the dress on the details of a little support .Today we will talk about a man dress details ,we learn about the man he called on one face of the strap.
First ,is a decorative, some friends love in the belt hanging pager ,mobile phone and so on .It can greatly affect the belt decoration ,The charm of advertisement language,looks is not simple is not competent .Second the length of the belt .
Belt in the system after the tail should be between the first and second Pants tripping ,i.e. not too short or too long. Third the width of the belt strap .Too narrow will make man lose masculinity ,too wide belt is only suitable for leisure ,cowboy style .
General belt width should be kept at 3 cm .Also, is the belt when not to buckle and a zipper in line ,it would be absurd .Waist trousers soul ,trousers of the soul in the waist ,the waist is appropriate as long as you are in the pants ,during natural breathing without loose not tight just on the one hand ,it shows that the waist is suitable.
If stretched out in a palm that trousers thin .If your waist can into a fist that waist fat .Trousers waist can modify the amplitude is about to change in small ,only 5 centimetersto large change ,not more than 3.
8 cm .If beyond this range will change pants to its original shape .You also should pay attention to ,trouser legs in the line must avoid leaning to either side ,than the straight and hanging naturally to the vamp ,the only way to center line up trousers fine texture.
The length of the trousers from behind just to the heel of the shoe and the upper seams .If Want to make legs look longer ,then the trouser legs can also be extended to the heel of the shoe is 1 /2.
In addition ,the belt when the belt must buy than trousers 5 cm long.That is to say if you wear a size 35 pants,then the belt should buy number 36 in the life ofmen .Must not trousers and shoes from between to reveal a white socks .
Because white socks and a light color cotton socks are only suitable for sports and leisure wear. In general men socks color should be basic to neutral color ,and the color depth than trousers .
Socks color and suit color matching is one of the most fashionable most concise .In addition to the length of the sock also should pay attention to. Too long socks would appear rustic ,short socks in your seat or a leg of the other leg with leg part skin .
So the length of the sock is approximately in the leg following location. Men dress commandments 1,usually a suit bag is a seam ( i.e. pocket ) ,must not be disassembled optionally, it can keep the suit shape ,which is not easy to deform .
2,shirts must be clean ,crisp ,not dirty dirty collar ,cuff .3,tie ,tie tip must not touch the belt . 4,if the tie ,could never wear loafers. 5,cuff trademarks must be cut .6,mobile phone ,pager ,waist no lighter in taste .
7,not repair home before, wear a suit don socks ,especially dark suit ,shirt collar opening ,8.Belt loop and outer side of the opening line of pants before cannot skew ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,should be in one line.
9,black leather shoes can match any color dark suit ,brown leather shoes in addition to the same color suit ,not with other color suit. 10,if you want to keep a perfect shape ,not dry season two above and try to find a professional dry-cleaners.
Suit :net color ,dark suit best for three two sets .But &quot ;Ming bag &quot ;which is only suitable for the casual dress shirt collar and cuffs .:can not be stained with stains ,must be washed ,ironed upright to a look good pure white with light blue stripes .
The shirt is indispensable .Tie :harmonious in color on the line, blue ,gray and red is easy to match suit .Belt : dark suit can be equipped with dark light suit belt belt ,no restrictions.
But Jeans Belt can not match suit .Shoes :black leather shoes can match any a dark suit ,but not with dark gray shoes suit ;light shoes only can be equipped with light suit, not with a dark suit .
Patent leather shoes suitable only for dress .Please note :shoes polished ,smooth, easy to leave good impression, dirty shoes of the most unfavorable put in good taste .Socks :Ning Chang not short .
Dark socks in dark or light-colored suit can match ;color socks can with light-colored suit ,but with a dark suit is not suitable. White socks are difficult to wear clothes ,should think twice about mistakes .
Men suits are men necessary clothing ,it can let you appear more confident and neat ,but many men dressed in different level land is existing error, so that the overall image greatly. Wear a suit with a white shirt tie mm because his suit with a white shirt is the most formal wear, so if no tie words ,give people a very casual, very be careless about one sense.
And white shirt no pattern ,more monotonous ,let a person feel less food. If you do not want to tie it or it is no time, you have three choices :A. For a wider white shirt collar ,the collar back out , a stylish look came out, but worn outside suit must choose dark ;B.
May wear a dark shirt ,striped or checkered is preferred ,so that people feel not monotonous, but also the slimming effect ;C. A high neck sweater suit the most reliable parts ,color more, also easy to match ;color mess with mm a formal dress suit ,shirt ,tie by :,pants ,trousers of the color selection is relatively easy, as long as you choose some example: blue ,black ,Dark Beige or all-match colors can be, but if you want to suit shirt ,tie ,three matches well with little difficulty .
Here introduce one of the most reliable method :tie not choose too flowers ,dark gray to white shirt is appropriate ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,choice is a safe method ,suit for dark ,between the three color do not too large ,as is the same a colored line ,so that the overall look is comfortable.
Don pay attention to accessories mm suit accessories can include :the button needle ,tie clips ,belt ,handbags ,shoes ,socks .Whether you dress with style ,if not an ugly button pin ,clip a rusty tie clip ,wear a Double integral with extremely not harmonious socks ,shoes and no eraser .
See ,your whole image will be all right ,so ,in your attention to coat at the same time ,we should also pay attention to these parts .You to suit well ?You may tell me you have worn for many years ,the number of closet pieces of a suit ,but I guess you still do not understand very place.
Here can give you only a small part of the proposal ,but to say a lot !Q: I very dark ,buy clothes sell dark suit salesman told me light makes me look more black ,and sell the light-colored clothes salesman that light will brighten my face ,let me not know what course to take ,can you give me some suggestions ?A: the dark look man ,suit color light colors and a neutral color .
Because the Chinese turned yellow ,in the choice of color should be chosen less yellow ,green ,purple ;choice of deep blue series ,dark grey warm neutral color ,neutral color can also be .
Q: I for a suit ,shirt and tie with a not sure,Adidas Wings, so all dressed in black or dark blue suit ,white shirt and dark tie ,but I very much hope in the image change ,can talk About three of the color matching principle ?A: suit ,tie ,shirt collocation points are visually comfortable ,harmonious.
Dark Plaid suit should not with plaid shirts and plaid tie ,if supported by plain ,striped shirt or tie ,pattern is very beautiful. In dark suit and tie ,shirt collocation can pursue the harmony ,also can form contrast.
Such as the dark grey suit with red tie and a white shirt with a lattice shape ,not to stick to one pattern .The white and blue shirts men selected mainstream color ,long wearing it would be boring ,if the tie and shirt color color contrast to be very good ,bright color stripes ,squares ,flower type good.
If tie pattern of any one color and shirt suit color would be better if the three match .To master the basic laws of aesthetics ,according to their own personalities ,the nature of the work to select different collocation method .
Q: I bright color of the suit, and that the collocation is too difficult big ,hope to get some advice. A: color bright suit with light-colored shirt ,dark tie as well, the three coordinated .
Can also be plain with his shirt and tie ,pink suit suit .Romantic and fashionable ,for color and height requirements are relatively high. For insurance purposes, with dark trousers and a dark shirt ,tights can also ,or with high contrast ,contrast ,such as the purple line shirt ;tie with bright patterns ( such as the tropical ) is appropriate, a shirt or tie a a color and pink close.
As for the white suits ,trousers should maintain consistent color. Shirt as shallow ,such as light yellow ,pink ,lavender ,blue tie can ,the same color can choose not too deep ,bright colors ,and a shirt harmony.
Q: now what suits ?A: near in recent years ,a popular sculpture of a strong sense of concise style ,trim slim ,high button ,buckle ,a waist ,shoulder curve natural fabrics ,wool, hemp ,through high-tech processing soft thin fabric is a key.
Q: single - and double breasted suit in style and wearing a what difference ?A: Double Breasted suit is in more formal occasions as well, double breasted suit to give solemn ,formal sense, suitable for formal ceremonies ,conferences ;single breasted suit wearing places generally ,as in the work of occupation suit and the life of the leisure suit are Appropriate.
Double breasted suit with rigorous, can only be set ,usually suit button must not be loosened, single breasted ( such as the leisure class ) can mix and match ,and even different color on the collocation .
Q: my job requirements in the office wearing a suit ,do I need every day for a week at least changed several suit ?Set of ?A: suit for men should be necessary office dress ,only more than the number ,dress up according to their own habits and dress ,such as the conditions should be changed every day ,can also be based on a day arrangement and choice ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,if there is no enough suit ,shirt and tie can also be in double figure ,as long as promise not to two consecutive days a face to .
Know dress culture more respected by others .Q: a quality of sophisticated suit length ?A: fine suit fabric, process ,version type will be of high quality, the combination of the three is to ensure good brand .
Suit post-production process cumbersome ,the whole ironing ,stereotypes ,hot ,high pressure is very high technical requirements ,in the life and work to the attention of nursing ,every time they made the whole ,dry cleaning ,hot and maintain the original shape, put on seven or eight years can also be protected as the beginning .
Q: I have a sudden onset Fat ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,before buying a suit can wear ,what method changes ?A: Men body changes most is fat ,girth ,stomach bulge, the original suit of course is no longer suitable .
If this happens only according to their own changes new clothes .If a little change ,such as to change the suit will make the suit originally unique shape change ,it will make your image greatly.
The jacket is two lower bag used for holding relaxed ,soft ,thin things ,such as paper towels and the like, must not pretend to be bulging ,give a person vexed sac pita feeling. Coat on the left breast pocket is also called towel bag specifically ,inserting ornamental handkerchief ,you can also put some thick and hard as business card holder and other things, so that the chest is full flat .
The coat bag can be used for placing important documents ,vouchers and a pen ,some coat and straight mouth inside the bag ,dedicated to put on glasses ,suit vest four pocket for rare small items ,such as rings ,lighter ,don like photography vest as stuffed full, looking dull .
Trousers left pocket as in heating and put packets thick hard things. Pants right have put the WATCH FOB .Trousers two back pockets ,right to put Handkerchief ,buttons left after the bag is used to put the purse ,notebook and the like.
Wear silver grey ,white suit ,suitable for wearing red ,red ,green ,blue ,brown and black tie ,can give a person with quiet ,beautiful ,natural and unrestrained feeling. In the red ,purple suits, suitable for wearing cream ,cream ,silver ,blue ,emerald green tie ,to show a kind of elegant and luxurious effect .
Wearing a dark blue, dark green suit ,suitable for wearing orange ,white ,light blue ,pink tie, so wear Dai Hui gave people a deep ,subtle beauty. Wearing a brown, dark green suit ,Selection of authentic shoes, European Berg genuine discount store is my best choice,suitable for wearing blue ,butter yellow ,orange and yellow tie ,will show a delicate and elegant demeanour .

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