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Embarrassment of Chinese core

Under the abstract of Finance and economics 8magazinecover article .According to reliable sources ,abstract of Finance and economics in September will launch the politics of heavy ,if interested ,can see :awkward Chinese core mm Godson CPU difficult journey this print journalist Qi Jielun simmers 5000-year history and culturethe essence of the Chinese nation is clearly not the lack of enough publicity to world wisdom achievement, however ,and as the four great inventions, two bombs and one satellite situation in each other ,but in recent years Chinese industry overall decline and creativity are ,as of today ,has won 1300000000 people,9600000 square kilometers ofthe territory of modern China urgent seek, seemed to boost the country morale creative elite ,as well as in elite creative breakthrough ,breakthrough behind the more powerful ,more intense patriotic emotion .
Back nearly half a century of Chinese science and technology process ,we have reason to those who unknown to the public for Chinese rise and good governance ,dedication of the great scientists have expressed admiration and admire the sentiment ,Wang Ganchang ,Deng Jiaxian ,Peng Hengwu ,Tsien Hsueshen ,Yuan Longping HH and dead or alive ,benchmarking ,is national backbone ,and in its seemingly dull ,prosaic Life spirit ,more reflects ,it is independent of the modern market economy besides another kind of outlook on life and value .
In those years to the Chinese core event ,ark events for the milepost markers of bound of Chinese science and technology ,despite the large number of readers to the continuation of long-standing and close ,unique Chinese expert system ,to abuse government support ,lack of blind of project supervision put forward a lot of pierce to the heart of the matter serious criticism ,but the system of chronic disease and the transformation of government functions is clearly not a short duration of time it can see big action ,and science and technology projects but without a break, especially Chinese core fraud case known ,this already highly inflated the emotional experience great blow, readers of Chinese science and technology industry question seems to have gradually formed a habit, bound of science and technology has inevitably come to a good way in need through remodeling of confidence in the important juncture .
In such a relatively special atmosphere of public opinion ,Godson Hengkong born have caused huge attention appears to have made the Chinese Academy of Sciences calculation of the trembling with fear ,and other large questioned about Long Xin and condemn ,come a few years never discontinuous ,&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;fraud ;the said infringement &quot Can be heard without end ;this has been embarrassed ,multifarious dragon core R & D team for domestic CPU industrialization path of anxiety is becoming more evolved into public and media for dragon core into a few opinion of the &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;waste ;waste &quot ;.
The target market is not clear, the industrial chain is too long ,cooperate with the relevant enterprises communication is not ideal, own technology not strong ,competitive pressure, a series of difficulties and resistance with dragon core project continues to advance and become more uncertain, dragon core task group to this stress, computing and even to some extent declined all media interviews on the topic again ,refused to comment .
This is not dragon core ,this is a AMD CPU for Godson considering the topic even tried to to protect ,is calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhongguancun Party committee ,unified caliber even expressly limited personnel media contacts .
July 12, 2007, 10 a.m.,this print journalist in the see as secretary-general of China Semiconductor Industry Association Xu Xiaotian .Before communicating ,Xu said ,his godson attention ,can talk ,but preferably not limited to interview outline content ,reporters in the next recognition.
Many hours of communication, Xu to this print journalist detailed material master access made requirements ,otherwise &quot ;is not convenient to go into it ,and the view of &quot ;reporters repeatedly implied ,regardless of where the journalists ,media oriented cannot appear problem ,association to help the good of this off.
Reporters categorically rejected Xu Many industry insiders say to this print journalist ,Godson predicament from the technical performance of the deficiencies ,the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences is calculated where the management mechanism on the too implicitly makes dragon core basic lose access to state the possibility of purchasing ,and system of onerous ,conservative and excessive self interest expectation ,forcing the dragon core industry chain on the other related enterprises can successfully enter the dragon core industry environment ,Godson fight a lone battle it is helpless ,but such awkward condition obviously cannot long survive, market vary from minute to minute ,leaving Godson don .
And calculate the next to a high-rise as legend ,Liu Chuanzhi is here .To do or not to do for &quot ;China launched a CPU project is necessary for &quot ;the continuing controversy over a long period of time ,and with another problem seems to be more Critical, i.
e. ,at Intel ,AMD and other international mainstream general CPU manufacturer basic cover 100% IT industry and its price is more optimistic about the situation ,&quot ;China what is worth doing is worth CPU ,&quot ;.
Can see ,with the Taiwan electronic technology and the market gradually shrink, in high integration and high technical content of the global CPU camp, before a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern has gradually evolved into the Intel and AMD two strong wrestles mutually ,the global number of developed countries such as Britain and France did not CPU industry ,China is worth the risk? At such high monopoly market ecology ,trying to scratch out a bare-handed ,new Chinese CPU ,one can imagine the difficulty ,to this, the industry more unanimous view is ,do not do ,because is not worthwhile.
ST ( st ) Engineer Yang Ke talked about his view to this print journalist said ,China domestic CPU meaningless, nor necessary ,but it was done now, we should seize the target market ,aiming at the application of architecture ,right to choose ,without too much accumulated cases, to a few days and produce a CPU ,is not possible, and expectations in a short time the formation of Intel strength and influence, also do not Reality.
&quot ;if you have to find a reasonable excuse, I think ,China through such a CPU ,even if the performance is poor are indifferent, the gradual accumulation of technology ,the accumulation of talent ,the accumulation of Chinese in this industry influence, insist on, should be a way out ,&quot ;Yang the tone is not firm ground says to the reporter.
Face this print reporter ,applied materials Beijing senior consultant ,senior industry expert Mo Kang seems to be more willing to reporters and revisiting the story :during the Gulf War ,US military in Baghdad before the raid ,Iraq printer integrated circuit remote activation of cryptic virus ,so that the invasion of Iraq military command center of the main computer system ,On the metaphysical puzzle,lead to the Iraqi command system failure ,then the entire Iraqi air defense system completely paralyzed .
&quot ;who have advanced integrated circuit technology ,who mastered the battlefield initiative , &quot ;so ,the United States to firmly grasp the global CPU discourse right ,and long-term will China into hostile country ,and in the China semiconductor technology and product exports have many limitations ,&quot ;launched the domestic CPU ,to give, if only from the temporary economic benefit looks ,it is understanding The superficial &quot ;.
Great Kang thinks further ,the semiconductor industry in China ,must be paid by the government ,not by old people down ,development of dragon core is not for the rural areas, but not for kids in the countryside, if it is so ,walk .
July 18th, calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher ,Godson CPU chief designer Hu Weiwu in computing the VIP Hall to accept abstract of Finance and economics the reporter an exclusive interview ,CPU is the content of high technology ,high technology field ,which belongs to the technology field of Mount Qomolangma ,&quot ;&quot ;in the field of China does not have too many technical accumulation ,but CPU related to national security and national secret ,for national strategy safety considerations ,the CPU must .
According to Hu Weiwu ,first of all ,Chinese enterprises must master the core technology ,and should not only stay at the end of the industrial chain ,to move upwards .Secondly ,China must develop controllable technology industry ,and with CPU as the core of the information industry in any case is not controlled by foreigners .
With excessive state national security strategy many meaning intercomparison, in support of domestic CPU side ,almost no one willing to delve further into the domestic CPU really have what kind of market opportunity , roughly all words point to point :this thing is said to national security ,then you deserve to go to support it ,even if the government dumping in China the strength of the whole people of big development ,also can understand ,also in normal ,the correct category.
The CCID semiconductor analyst Li Ke couldn the above views. Li Ke thinks ,what is the market or acts of government ,what is truly national dominant or some people insisted on that country ,this should be distinguished from the product itself ,meaning blindly above but there is not any substantive good ,but postponed so thinking develop, government support will also be blindly, Han Xin ,the ark from need to remember .
MII software and integrated circuit Promotion Center for Qiu Shanqin in an interview with Sinorama analysis says ,national security is not a CPU can solve the problem ,but CPU is critical, if any ,safety coefficient is higher ,but not also does not mean that the country is not safe .
&quot ;global is an Intel ,the world in addition to the United States are not safe ?The key is Godson CPU is able to truly play for national security With ,how to play a role ,Qiu Shanqin &quot ;the said infringement .
Since the early eighty century on ,the global CPU domain basically can be divided into two major systems ,one for the CISK system ( general instruction system complex ,complex general instruction set ) ,the second for the RISK (reduced instruction system ,or streamline instruction set ) .
It is widely known is ,using the CISK CPU system known as x86 architecture,this architecture has become the mainstream of global CPU architecture ,Intel and AMD as its representative enterprises.
In the relatively weak RISK system, there are several small camps ,one for the power camp ,basic as the three leading enterprises ,IBM ,HP and Motorola .Second, called SPARC camp ,SUN dominant .
Thirdly, the MIPS camp, leading MIPS technology .And calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences has launched the Godson series general purpose processor uses ,is the RISK system in the MIPS architecture ,and the media on computing and MIPS patent speculation about the origin in this dispute .
In Hu Weiwu in 2001 Octoberpublished our CPU in one article has had such a description: &quot ;although we prepared by CPU design long-standing ( from early 2000 began to do research ,discussion ) Numerous round,2007 love color coating choose regression theme - whim blog, but we really started in 2000 Novemberdesign .
First is Tang Zhimin and I took a seven or eight graduate students to do design of system structure ,is the main command system and pipeline structure .At the beginning of the design ,Dean Li ( Li Guojie - reporter notes) in all the meeting will determine the &quot ;high performance ,general ,step in place of &quot ;target.
Later ,Tang Zhimin and I were identified by RISC compatible and structures of the two specific objectives. Although IA-64 structure with very hot ,but we decided to use RISC structure ,now looks like, this is right.
I begin to suggest the instruction system compatible with Alpha ,but Tang Zhimin eventually decided to be compatible with the MIPS .&quot ;insider disclosed to this print journalist ,relative to the x86 architecture of a high degree of integration, the MIPS architecture is easier to learning and imitation ,and the Godson prior PKUnity ,ark 1st two have used the MIPS schema for the development of design ,but without success.
Computation of Chinese Academy of Sciences ,and is not MIPS formally authorized by the circumstances ,to launch such a basic overall reproduction MIPS architecture of general CPU chip ,apparently angered MIPS ,while MIPS was not initially put up a pageantry to show International litigation ,there are two reasons: one ,from within the industry ,compared to the ARM camp ,MIPS strength is very weak, MIPS was eager to be able to obtain certain economic benefits on the basis of ,expand camp ,enhance actual strength .
Secondly ,dragon core has not yet formed a business climate ,MIPS is also a further wait-and-see .A fact that nots allow to argue ,as calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences dragon core computer operating system running on Microsoft matching ,from a MIPS sharply worded messages start for Microsoft ,on the patent value as well as the litigation risk concerns that Microsoft finally abandoned the talks had good cooperation ,and Dragon core customization Windows CE was aborted.
The embarrassment as Hu Weiwu later on this print journalist said, &quot ;not dragon core run run Windows, but Microsoft support not support me. &quot ;China Open Source Software Alliance President Lu Shouqun in and this print journalist about dragon core and MIPS analysis, calculation of the independent innovation on the basis of ,very effectively by using the patent time advantage.
According to Lu Shouqun, MIPS total of 80related patents,and according to the current international generally follow the proprietary frame ,to Dragon core successfully developed in those days, in China it has at least 76 patentshave been out of date ,therefore ,at least in China ,the dragon core through some way to complete the technical replication does not constitute a legal meaning of tort ,but thereafter until 2006 ,MIPS still has 4 core patentedin legal protection ,Godson nature cannot stately to &quot ;it was approached by MIPS ,&quot ;and ,while the contact is the result of calculation of MIPS ,that price is too high, &quot ;$1000000 is calculated to digest digital &quot ;.
Because negotiations fail, dragon core R & D team instead try to automatically break the four patents ,&quot ;ultimately successful ,but because the &quot ;and MIPS schema does not exactly alike ,so are not compatible with MIPS embarrassment is unavoidable ,and the resulting embarrassment makes the calculation more suffer unspeakably .
Fortunately in the water. No doubt, there is a way out. Finally ,calculated with ST ( st ) cooperation methods by means of ST ,MIPS ,to pay related costs ,&quot &quot ;curve ;obtaining all of MIPS architecture as well as formal licensing agreement.
For the patent dispute, Qiu Shanqin says to this print journalist ,like dragon core such a big thing ,do not have to To be so secretive ,&quot ;I used your MIPS thing how again ,I give you money ,buy after I can control ,that is mine, the problem is not solved ,we make an ambiguous statement that the ?&quot ;Qiu Shanqin believed that ,as long as the system is controllable, bought patent is also their own things ,not necessarily a line of code in a letter written to belong to independent intellectual property rights ,therefore ,Godson has nothing to be ashamed of, but on this issue ,calculations are not thinking clear ,it should be completely ,without reservation, open for godson ,via ST .
The purchase of MIPS finally patents of the four argument ,Hu Weiwu is not from the answer ,but repeatedly told this reporter that ,&quot ;calculate the value more ,is lMIPS compatibler ( compatible with MIPS) of this standard ,we so much of a national research institutes ,to be responsible, we have specialized the office of intellectual property rights ,will not do the things that tort ,you should rest assured ,National Research Institute ,Chinese Academy of Sciences ,have long enjoyed a good reputation ,will do what infringement thing ?&quot ;Microsoft after the break though dragon core which has a plurality of applications ,but the industry pays close attention to most Is still the Godson PC development prospects .
The Godson MIPS unique architecture ,Microsoft general Windows operating system cannot be matched ,and the previously calculated by Microsoft and many communication and a predetermined Windows CE solutions for Microsoft one party again, in helpless in the collapsed ,Godson and eventually with the open source Linux operating system gradually narrowing the distance.
In hardware ,in the face of Intel offensive of swift and fierce ,Godson also appears extremely immature. In operating system ,Linux software types ,properties ,application of the breadth and depth of far cannot with monopoly industry for decades, put on a par with Microsoft ,Godson industrialization comes great anxiety .
Kang expresses to this print journalist ,even if the dragon core adopts Linux architecture ,still exists many problems ,the most simple and to the point, Godson internationalization way ?The current international mainstream are now popular Windows Windows operating system ,so deep ,so wide, Godson conform with international will be a problem ,must know the &quot ;,the user is not only online Internet .
&quot ;.The soft president Han Naiping in an interview with Sinorama said ,is open source ,although Microsoft is very strong ,but in recent years ,the Linux camp also at one point To enlarge ,annual market increase even reached 30%-40%,is developing very fast ,and Linux is a can for engineers to repair and control system ,can achieve a good self-management ,relatively close to the dragon core for security ,confidentiality requirements.
According to Han calls ,in technology, Linux is not " the back door ,but Microsoft &quot ;for monitoring software piracy and the establishment of the &quot &quot ;door ;there are hidden dangers to safety .
Han further said ,Windows operating system development and design not only embodies the will of Microsoft Corporation ,the American Central Intelligence Agency also involved, but Microsoft design door is at the critical moment ,critical juncture handed over to the Central Intelligence Agency, so to say ,based on this point ,the open source Linux have stronger system security .
China OSS Promotion Union Chairman Lu Shouqun Linux thinks ,the existence of at least two major weakness ,first ,entertainment function too little ,second ,can be off-line operation .But land at the same time, Linux also has its exciting a :first of all, the Linux server has matured ,desktop software is &quot ;&quot ;,though not rich ;secondly ,the Linux have a certain security ,hacker virus is difficult to attack ;once again ,Linux operation costs Far below the Windows and the system is easy to manage .
Hu Weiwu on calculated and cooperation between Microsoft ,unwilling to talk about ,but he also admitted to the hardware ,software transplant is very easy. &quot ;the earliest time ,Microsoft is also supported by MIPS ,also support Alpha ,what support ,he later exclusively only support X86 ,Microsoft has an embedded software ,called Windows CE ,Windows CE is to support the Loongson architecture ,his dragon core is able to run .
But we have contact ,contact the achievement how ,I can about the Microsoft .&quot ;exit ,Qiu Shanqin think it is quite reasonable action : one ,to Microsoft ,developed to match dragon core architecture of the Windows is easy ,just one will have both procedures to re-edit the problem.
In dragon core computer run not to run Windows Windows ,can run ,is not a problem ,certainly can run. Secondly ,Microsoft will be considered. First of all ,and the Dragon core collaboration ,Microsoft not only get it to commercial interests ,but most likely because of this cooperation and damage to the Microsoft Partner Intel feelings ,such no-win things ,it will not do .
Secondly ,for any one business plan ,in the Microsoft such transnational giant appears ,never would have risked the intellectual property risk to do ,because all the wind sways grass. ,appear a little problem ,Microsoft will be seized ,the resulting loss will be incalculable .
Qiu Shanqin thinks further ,the dragon core industrial chain ,except for CPU, the most important is user ,namely &quot ;who used his &quot ;.&quot ;who used him ?No one used. First you cost is not low ,your industry chain is not complete ,no application software .
No application software ,will you go with him ?Printer not hanging ,no printer driver support it ,no MP3 support him, no digital camera support him, you want him to do? &quot ;about prospects despite media of dragon core product and performance of publicity campaign has not less ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,but the dragon core and industrial union but no people imagine the smooth ,all the properties and data analysis are also fundamental for laboratory complete ,but in reality the Godson CPU is suffering from cold test of the market ,the road of industrialization of the embarrassing and difficult .
Informed sources told this reporter bluntly ,dragon core current distress position is calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences self restraint results ,due to the core of the Dragon The project is too conservative and Godson project with too much self interest expectation ,delays the Godson of the pace of development.
Has been calculated ,will be dragon core as its unique patented technology ,attempt to take this project brought certain benefit calculation ,and this kind of short-sighted style not only different extent curbed lot Chi dragon core industry environment and joint development of related enterprises to enter, also make the Godson lost some of this can seize the takeoff chance.
This personage expresses at the same time ,calculate the dragon core ,and no attention to a certain extent ,computing has not formed a comprehensive and reasonable business plan ,has been don computing and the Academy of Sciences to support ,not logical to become Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang desk of the first case ,not by Ministry of science and technology ,Ministry of information industry ,development and Reform Commission joint recommendation, it is difficult to form the will of the state ,and the Godson once cannot become the will of the state ,be like TD SCDMA as affected by national attention ,cannot get the strong government promotion ,dragon core position is obviously ,is doomed not to be successful ,the &quot ;since it is a state of things to do ,then In the work process ,we should reflect the will of the state ,only reflected the will of the state ,this thing can be done ,give the ability to do a good job of it.
&quot ;Qiu Shanqin acknowledged that ,according to his point of view ,the Godson to succeed, first, and must take a step is to get the government control of the market ,namely the government procurement ,if the Loongson could not seize the market of government procurement in government or market to play advantage ,it is difficult to form industrialization experience, then the dragon core future business operation ,must be failed ,&quot ;this ,I can be sure of ,and how &quot ;Godson to get the government to market it ,no doubt ,to the Loongson rises for national volition ,become a national action specification .
Lu Shouqun didn agree with Qiu Shanqin ,Lu thinks ,current government procurement with too much bureaucracy and formalism ,the government procurement taste changed ,&quot ;I think the Godson industrialization and government purchase is not the number of relations, China in government procurement enforcement is obviously not enough ,and in the procurement process, money composition is very obvious ,I don government procurement &quot ;Lu Shouqun thinks ,Godson .
There is only one way ,that is through cost-effective to self for the market, no other way ,&quot ;cheaper prices than tiny but adventitious quantity ,is a lot cheaper ,furthermore ,if no less than universal machine is poor, so dragon core can be developed.
&quot ;meaning law semiconductor headquarters Shanghai Engineer Yang Ke thinks ,Godson the target market is developing the vast rural areas ,especially rural student groups, and government procurement ,Godson is not suitable, the processing capability of MIPS is too low ,at only slightly stronger than machine learning ,computational speed is very slow ,not really into commercial use ,government procurement difficult Godson chief designer .
Hu Weiwu argues that ,first of all ,the support of the government to seize the core of dragon ,but the dragon core greater task is to develop their own ,to better improve the performance ,to in the cost-effective to do &quot &quot ,only the performance of indomitable spirit ;;&quot ;to the top of the day ,&quot ;industrialization can set to &quot ;&quot ;,&quot &quot only adhere to ;of indomitable spirit ;train of thought ,dragon core commercial prospect really likely to clear up ,can not hope to government procurement .
Controversy continues, dragon core has a road He Fang ,a road. Confused. Our CPU mm calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher ,Godson CPU chief designer Hu Weiwu interview this print journalist Qi Jielun calculated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Hu Weiwu ,due to temporary meeting ,reporter in the meeting room is more than an hour .
Dragon core project team meeting room only with Hu Weiwu Office wall ,little space ,indoor decorate not only is not luxury even can use simple to describe ,the oval office desk around him the ground was misty ,orderly place is a circle of black chair ,conference room on the wall is a line of plastic board for the end of the white bottom rubrication slogan :&quot ;with Mao Zedong thought armed dragon core task group &quot ;below ,slogans ,a huge, Mao Zedong gypsum statue bust of living in the center, to the left of the statue is a bright red flag ,the right is the same red flags, flowers potted plants is staggered from around the statue ,quite some sacred shrines of taste, because the room side window ,sunshine is warm and warm.
Nearly forty years Hu Weiwu is easy-going ,conversation elegant behavior ,neither fast nor slow ,for the reporter many questions, Hu said &quot ;all questions are very sensitive to &quot ;&quot ;&quot .
The sky ;and &quot ;site &quot ;reporter :with Han core event ,ark events appears gradually ,people in bound of Chinese science and technology questions seem to have formed a habit .So ,in the internationalization is becoming more and more thorough today ,you on Chinese science and technology industry overall strength how to judge ,according to your understanding ,leader of science and technology and science and technology industry colleagues should maintain a kind of attitude is most appropriate the support of government ,how to embody it ?In addition ,a large number of readers of dragon core development path is concerned, how do you respond to such a with a questioning look mixed emotions ?Hu Weiwu: I remember the Ministry of science and technology, a leader and I said ,we can not because of scientific research fields of the one or two event lost the Chinese scientific research personnel the overall integrity .
Chinese researchers so much ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,we also made like two bombs and one satellite ,hybrid rice, brilliant achievements ,it is not because the one or two problem lose to all scientific research personnel of the overall trust ,I think ,this is the media ,government and the public at least a consensus of contemporary China, we .
Has developed into a bottleneck ,on Congress of science and Technology National also mentioned to &quot ;give priority to body with the enterprise ,it is with the market oriented ,produce learn to grind union &quot ;,Chinese enterprises in innovation Ability generally are very weak ,in 349 years or twenty or thirty years,to the mainland built like IBM ,Intel R & D center ,to form what they r & D capability ,is very difficult, and if possible, never very popular ,you must first take into account China historical factors ,continuation since the system of scientific research of Chinese and the United States ,that the developed countries are obviously very different, this is system issue .
We say &quot ;the enterprise is the main body of innovation ,&quot ;why ?Researchers innovation achievement is ultimately to be the enterprise reflected .In our national research institutes ,need to solve the problem ,but the key point is to put in &quot ;combination of &quot ;&quot ;&quot combination of words ;two .
Dragon core of dragon core characteristics, has its universality and particularity .China strength ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,in my view is quite strong ,especially now ,is becoming more and more obvious, in a short period of time ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,including in the areas of the chip ,has been established ,has broken the Western Digital hegemony ,even I believe ,in the whole world ,only China can break such a situation ,no second countries or regions to challenge western Digital hegemony .
We also recently done some research ,our national experts also have some understanding ,the situation is very good ,of course, is to solve good combination of &quot ;&quot ;problem. On the Godson industrialization ,I want to share with you a few experience.
Why Communist victory ,general rules and special rules are combined ,the dragon core ,national independent innovation integrated circuit very seriously ,very much support, this is a universal.
Another universal is ,the world of independent innovation seriously very much, the country has already developed into the bucket ,on international a few remarks when it comes to Chinese intellectual property tort pilfer edition is ,ah ,anti-dumping ,are these concepts ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,it shows a very strong ,in addition to China ,in the world 500 strong inside ,the independent innovation of China enterprises are seldom ,petroleum ,petrochemical .
Samsung is South Korea card ,but the Koreans fraud than we Chinese people seriously more ,Americans also false ah ,why only pay attention to us ,our own innovation did not form a business climate .
In general ,the Godson and his special. I often compare CPU into areas of the chip bead Mu Lang Ma peak ,it is the core of the information industry ,it is the whole engine ,Intel sales of $38000000000,$35000000000 in 2006, should say ,general CPU technology ,at present only the United States of America .
Japan partly with this technology ,because he has some products ,of course, Japan and the United States of America technology is not open .We can recall the information industry development course, it basically is by IBM ,Intel such enterprise brought up ,including the Internet ,are based on these enterprises technology as the foundation ,including routers ,printers are needed for CPU ,his versatility in a sort of sense ,but also his special sex ,so he has long industrial chain ,first you do a chip ,you have to have a set of pieces of it, you have the software, the software needs a lot of ,our country in history has not built a long industry chain.
Reporter: some people say ,Godson has forced calculated as the hardware and software ,and will take up the whole industry chain .Hu Weiwu :No, this is a misunderstanding ,at least to Long Xinlai ,we do not.
We want to do is not an industry chain ,is not to say that we make a product ,take Go to the supermarket to sell to customers ,we have to do is to industrial environment .You see Intel ,he has his industry environment ,there are people doing his set piece ,there are people doing his board ,there are people doing his software ,someone to help him sell ,a wide variety of applications ,there is a wide range of industrial environment and the Godson .
Yet ,it is very broad in scope ,it is also very important ,if the country really took him as an industry developed, I believe that it is able to break the monopoly of certain state information ,and the computation is the Godson of the industrial environment.
From this point of view ,in fact, we have to do is very good ,but when it comes to industrialization ,referring to &quot ;who uses &quot ;,I can tell you ,I think this is the Godson is a particularity.
Another is the particularity ,we research institutes often said ,to &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;top of indomitable spirit ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot site ;between ;or &quot ;relationship, but the dragon core ,between the two is &quot ;and &quot ;relationship.
I am a recent experience is, you get the day ,it will be easy for you to my site ,I most cheap ,lowest power ,I do the world cattle ,product performance ,power consumption ,price ,in a field ,or In a class ,I must do the world cattle ,I can sell.
Integrated circuit has a law, called &quot ;winner take all&quot ;,winner takes all ,my performance is worse than you 1%,you must be the 100% market,but I did not, will not be you 51% ,I am 49% .
Dragon core is the same, you have to really want in the market performance, to achieve the top level ,not to say that all good ,even if it is in a class ,A female master of the civil service examination course,or on a field, or a character can range ,in the market we must do the most cattle ,this is the only way out ,this and government support in that it doesn .
It can not tell you the moment we for Godson industrialization strategy ,but I can tell you is that, after five or six years of efforts ,our dragon core in some products on the application has reached the top level &quot ;&quot ;reporter :outside .
Many have questioned ,since Britain and France and other country do not have CPU ,Chinese in the absence of any accumulation of the premise ,it is worthwhile ??Hu Weiwu :this thing ...

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