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Too many feelings, so sad, Shanghai Ruili clothing wholesale - t

Too many feelings, so sad ,that boy is twenty-four years old ,twenty-two years old girl ,boy on a starry night ,affectionately place a barely feel the weight of the gold ring on her ring finger on his right hand .
The boy asks bashfully girl :&quot ;will you marry me ?No matter health disease rich ,poor ,never abandon .&quot ;the girl put her head on the boy shoulder ,gently answer :&quot ;I am willing to .
&quot ;then ,the girl there are stars in the fall .The girl moved to boys living Tongzilou ,because the same to the city of strangers ,so their wedding was very simple girl with a piece of red paper .
Cut a double happiness ,he bought many pink balloon, a balloon blowing, then let down in their tiny home .This is their wedding chapel ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,no guests ,no blessing ,there is only one thing called love ,ripples in the happy the human heart.
That night ,the boy became a man ;the girl was called woman .Man is a writing ,does not refer to him as the writer ,because his words never in influential publications becomes too type.
But a woman that ,Audi ABT Audi AS8 new modifications to upgrade version of A8 {graph},her man Will succeed. In a woman or girl, he saw the man wrote half of the novel. The girls because of his words and he was easily captured .In and out of love with words ,man word as hot summer breeze ,beautiful and fresh.
But ,will write too many people, like the people who can sing as much. Sing good singer ,not necessarily will become a singer ;similarly, will write, not be famous. When a man lying on the old computer code word ,a woman will sit quietly at the back of man, looking at a man because of the long curved rather than straight back ,silent love .
Whenever men sigh of relief ,pick up the file, woman will wipe away tears ,went into the kitchen ,ready for midnight snack man .Woman is nothing more than common egg fried rice bowl .The man to eat ,the man often exclaim ,a woman egg fried rice is the most tempting food .
When a woman looking at a man eat like wolves and tigers eat her own fried egg fried rice ,always a happy smile ,the silk smile from her lover ,a small meeting .Time flies ,man or before the unknown .
Hand .It has written novels ,or no one shows any interest in .Men began to despair ,but both despair. Never touch alcohol he ,started drinking .Drunk ,like a child by crying in the corner .
Man ,on his own ,just vent to their feelings and grievances of the compound ;and the woman in men ,the thin face wound down the tears ,is like a razor ,the students cut in her heart .
When a man wine over, cry tired ,woman silently stood up ,walked into the kitchen ,as he scrambled egg fried rice .In billowing smoke catalytic, woman eyes setting things begin to dissolve ,make the droplets fall.
Women don admit it was tears ,she know yourself to be strong, and people who love to spend their life in the rough and dark time. So ,no woman no cry .The most difficult times ,they have no rice in the house ,while men are don him as usual ,drinking ,and a bunch of &quot ;Wen &quot ;drunk downstairs in the corner of the big gear in the big gear .
When the boss came to the woman for the man owed hundreds yuan money ,the woman feels absolutely empty pockets ,with a smile on the big gear boss said :&quot ;please forever ,so I Send them to you.
&quot ;ground of one face apology sent off the boss ,Adidas Wings but with a slim design,a woman sitting on the ground ,first ,act recklessly and care for nobody cry .Women from taking the first blood a few paid for in blood money, looked at the gray sky ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,heart severely hurts a little girls to marriage .
Fairytale fantasy ,completely shattered .Even so ,but how she was able to abandon that she loves to do throughout the life of the man ?A woman not shed her man ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,because he is her whole sky oh .
Men eventually from woman wasting haggard face end small tears ,he kissed a woman elbow bend the eye of a needle ,regret and love to ask a woman :&quot ;why not sell the ring ?Why not sell the ring ?&quot ;how can man understand ,that ring the woman heart ,in her own life .
Women hold tight ring finger on his right hand that was still bright white gold ring ,for fear that there will be people put it away .After for a long time, she replied in a low voice :&quot man ;I was reluctant to .
&quot ;a man embracing a woman ,as the years ago he shy girl or woman to marry him that night ,clung to the women ,fear not Be careful ,she vanished without trace. As long as the diamond ,there must be a bright day.
Be frustrated for all one for man ,his book was a well-known booksellers phase. Man was published, the bookseller as featuring those network writer ,the man from newspaper publicity to the television ,the network.
A man overnight from an office ,became a popular writer. All types of media to interview him, a compliment is a man . too excited to sleep, sleep at night, he took a woman over each famous city hotel ,in a twenty-four hour five Stars Hotel shopping center to a woman to buy all kinds of jewelry ,women do not .
The woman raised his right hand ,say to the man :&quot ;the world all I had ,and that is you on my finger is the sister ring .&quot ;the woman and said: " I just want to go home with you eat egg fried rice .
&quot ;men laugh away ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,for a woman it is not romantic disdain. Men in praise and flowers began to lose ,he went in and out of various parties ,make all kinds of so-called elites ,of course ,he is all focus can be a woman or a woman .
, or in cheap staple goods ,eat the most simple meal that woman. Halo of man begins to reconsider his woman ,woman waist is not a few years ago, the girl Shuisheyao ;a woman because of the oil smoke cover and lost its original luster ;woman conversation as a writer his wife ,more like a peasant woman .
The woman all that men are bored .Gradually, women more often only from television and newspapers to see her man .When a man face spring appeared on the screen, the woman suddenly have the illusion ,the man seems to be no longer in her familiar man .
A woman in the lonely night ,only touching the ring finger on his right hand a little cold ring ,will have a silk warm and previous sweet .Finally ,such as all in the family a protagonist of the play ,the man had a woman.
His new love is a &quot ;of note ,&quot ;the female reporter in an interview to know a man ,a man of legendary rough experience and beautiful words, let a female reporter from admiration to him to love sublimation .
Female reporter beautiful ,smart also attracted men .Men forgot the woman for him to pay all, forget The shared suffering. Also forgot ,woman scrambled egg fried rice. The writer believes that the personal name ,luxurious and elegant west restaurant and halfcooked steak ,is more suitable for him and his female reporter .
A woman in a man to divorce agreement put in front of her ,let the man woman flustered calm .Do not look at the content of the agreement ,not hesitate to sign it .Man tried to say something ,to ease his embarrassment .
The woman did not give him the opening ,a woman but as a winner ,gently on becoming flustered man waved and said :&quot ;&quot ;you go. A woman gentle movement with disdain ,as away a fly .
These three words make men with big release ,long sigh .Woman suddenly begins to despise this was her beloved man ,she has no intention to leave ,including the man .So ,her loving man free .
Do and his female journalists held a grand wedding ,wedding very gifted scholars and beautiful ladies ,Bi and became the city .And it seems everyone forgot there was a woman in a man out of anguish, put on a thick thing ,One day,that a pen ,called love .
Woman in corridor under opened a big gear ,forte is egg fried rice ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,eat people say ,a woman has a strange smell ,as in love taste. Perhaps ,in a woman ,has been carrying the man .
But ,she love you man ,is already dead many years ago a starry night the boy .The boy dying day ,he was holding the ring shyly ask a low head girl :&quot ;will you marry me ?Regardless

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