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3007 Ran Yunfei micro-blog has three quotations

Micro-blog &quot ;three &quot ;quotations author Ran Yunfei ran by :the half month featured eighty-nine push out ,for all criticism ,onlookers ,tasting .Micro-blog words, is to let you Changdingyiluan ,eating a bowl of water will know the taste of water ,you put the pail of water had to say that water taste.
It is sensory properties ,if to do a complete empirical research, put the pail of water after eating ,can make convincing research .Of course you can take a bowl of water in a bucket of water sample study ,but you get a bowl of water research ,instead of the whole bucket of water research ,perhaps still elusive.
Micro-blog is are wonderful words gold sentence ,is all some seduce you to understand something of the key. If you get a room key ,but not in observation and research, began to make carping comments on the room ,although it is right for you ,but you right almost silly ,almost exclusively to make mistakes ,or not even desirable .
So some people think a twitter micro-blog ,blog ,not its value of existence ,I think that at least in the short term, the word ,is not based on fact .This period push has at least ten above is Xu Ben push the scholar ,Xu Ben Worth your attention .
I recently his people with little reason to memory ,I think this is my year recommend annual books ,this book about the Holocaust ,totalitarian ,disaster memory ,it is foreign ,but the problem consciousness in Chinese ,we don live up to his publisher a painstaking .
people with little reason to memory is a wake-up call to all Chinese with a conscience ,to restore the truth ,remember the disaster ,reconstruction of morality ,ethics ,rule of law ,democracy ,freedom and social efforts.
Pro Bi gossip about ,the last push was six four ,the push is eight or nine ,this coincidence ,not deliberately ,hope there is not the night division made neuropathy. This for a few days out of twenty days ,so do the &quot ;half of &quot ;the fixed program .
After finishing, pick out 57,for friends to think and a music. Micro-blog is important information transmission speed ,so these twenty days the main in the dissemination of the information ,but not in the dissemination of Maxim ,so the micro-blog only spread aphorism says ,I do not agree.
In addition ,some people say micro-blog emphasis on speed ,and on the message error prone ,it is true .But the problem is that micro-blog self correction function ,namely a Wrong ,immediately follow up the corrective ,can make information multivariate and closer to the truth itself .
As long as the real information circulation ,all kinds of information by people ,choose ,the inaccurate information ,will naturally be discard discard .So I for inaccuracy to negate the micro-blog function ,is false ,also some people want to clamp the reaction of the free flow of information with a profound .
:ranyunfei case of Peng Yu in Nanjing ,Shanghai Sun Zhong has been fishing case in China ,shows the human value of transvestism and whole society lacks basic trust consequences ,Germany sociology Master Lu Mann said :&quot ;when a person to the world completely lost confidence morning ,even can get up from bed.
&quot ;two :ranyunfei Liu Yiqing ,Ji Xiaolan twitter master ,today a friend sent a very ripe wonderful pair ,regardless of were recorded in this young discipline .Winter wear leather however hold summer fan ,an old eunuch :small Hanlin ,dressed for winter in summer ,with fan ,a spring and readable ?Ji listening is a southern accent and then said :old main ,born to south ,north ,that thing is ?Three :When justice real judgment threatened the legitimacy of political power of the time ,the historical truth is profound to conceal political power .
In this case ,witness has become a political power restrictions ,not even allowing things . Mm ranyunfei Xu Ben four :any country should is with &quot &quot ;humanitarianism ;as a criterion.
If a nation thinks of himself as a special case ,is equal to &quot ;&quot . Mm Javier going to hell ;five :ranyunfei mainland official is &quot ;two China &quot ;chief designer :urban and rural two Chinese officials ;two China ;two China the rich and the poor ,and now the class interests of tear has been formed, they are designed to be really good.
Six :ranyunfei RT @ adingwang: one male and one female one-night stands ,undressed nude female ,male and large clothes down to brother wearing little clothes, woman angrily ,thunder :do not adopt the practice of the West !Seven: now I met this old Communists many .
RT @ dosou: find painful two roots are :one is the pursuit of the wrong things ,the two is for someone else mistake .The former is the lost of the direction ,the latter is the soul of the lost .
Eight :&quot ;Mr. fee ,it politician is good ,if we give up the freedom to vote ,we can deal with this batch of asshole .&quot ;mm Fei Xiaotong voted free-wheeling nine :Chuwangtai: Cantonese Wen ,camp and ,good food ,like cross the wall ,often in the north of the tour.
When people say: if there is another network ,to Ning is a women prison !Party said: good .Then arrests the women .In less than a year ,Sichuan people ran in to explore ,see his hair with dilute ,thinned to the bone ,cry said: son what this dregs like ,Adiads Porsche Design!Wen generous answers: I often effect the Buddha feed himself to tiger ,the tiger wolf won by them ,too.
Ten :Voltaire it explains all prisoners of conscience in reason . RT @ simaziyu: It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.&quot ;&quot ;when the government is wrong ,the correct is a very dangerous thing .
&quot ;mm Voltaire Eleven :streamer: the stability of rape all . RT @ cnncncn: Upper :Baidu without a penis ;the second line of a couplet: Sina chest down .And I twelve :Avenue stop plug not free ,hearsay .
Fly ;truth plugging ,rumors all over the sky .And autocratic society is manufacturing rumors and hearsay total factory. Thirteen: you can call a spade a spade to say ,the government blocked messages ,artificially manufactured information asymmetry ,it is an area and even social breed rumors hotbed .
Mm this Internet cafes phobia is how to do ?Fourteen :we in the negative Duty ,we must keep the memory of them . HH survived forget ( deceased ) is a blasphemy ,is the two disaster.
Forget the dead is to make them two of the fifteen death . Mm Wei : I don silence ,so I . Mm Granville of the Sixteen :as a result of various government corruption constantly originally ,a lot of revenue ,but run behind one .
Henan began to advance payment a month tax ,to the two ,thirty Sichuan warlord line. This is just a government crisis began. Seventeen :even in suffering past, but not all witness to ,or are willing to bear witness to the suffering .
In the &quot ;&quot and &quot is the testimony of witness ;;&quot ;does not exist between a natural equivalence relations. From &quot &quot to &quot ;is the testimony of witness ;;&quot ;,is a kind of social consciousness ,the sense of moral responsibility and social action of the qualitative change process .
Mm Xu Ben Eighteen :I had the privilege of very early realized that life will not have too much stuff ,wife ,children, house, car ,all these things to worry about it, life is extremely heavy .
My life is always light ,without any burden ,even going to is not ,who is also a burden. I just as Heart re alive ,so ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,I live is very happy . Mm Duchamp Nineteen :RT @ zhangfacai: Stalin mocked Churchill deposed to step down ,old hill smirk says :you don ,I fought to defend people recall is my right.
Twenty :Fruit laugh for a weekend . RT ,kill @ Missiu RT @ wuluoyi: Yellow father named his son Huang Jun .Two a day to catch the 8 bus,saw the bus has to his front, yellow dad shouted :&quot ;Huang Jun run ,8 roadto .
&quot ;... .embarrassed twenty-one: diffuse view Lu n. Tao Ji ,first read stop cloud ,aesthetic will stop ,can be worth Zhong said the deep &quot instrument ;without it can help the &quot ;again is not political .
Jing ,the power of the state exercise ,see nature and beauty ,or aesthetic as is normal .Twenty-two :in my opinion ,those who say that the low quality of Chinese people is not suitable for implementation of democracy and freedom of the people not only have one too ,is mm in Hong Kong ,Taiwan most are not Chinese ?Mm has very bad racial discrimination is disrelish ,one color ,cultural types of people in the implementation of democracy and freedom, not only Chinese ,it is not worse than Nazi racial discrimination of speech and behavior ?Twenty-three :no Recognition of the dissident ,do not deserve to freedom, was not talking about freedom .
Mm Hu Shi Chen Duxiu twenty-four :freedom has many difficulties ,democracy is not perfect ,but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in ,to prevent them from leaving us . Mm Kennedy twenty-five :put a faithful account of the May 4th movement down ,will give any authoritarian one of the biggest threat ( A faithful account of the movement would be a menace to any authoritarianism ) .
Mm Zhou Cezong twenty-six :RT @ lianyue: what is China subversion of state power? Is the Chinese government does not permit patriotic way .Twenty-seven :RT @ bjbj64: the Communist Party also has a weakness ,that is afraid of Hu Shi .
RT: @ ranyunfei: Hu Shi has a weakness ,is the fear of Communist Party . Mm Liang Shuming twenty-eight :a good article ,means for government like mm Wang Xiaoshan twenty-nine :China ,is Mao Zedong represent the general trend ,even from his crystal coffin crawling out ,also incapable of action ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,most with a sigh ,just lie back .
Mm Wang Xiaoshan thirty :I want to say is :while China has many writers ,including my teacher, Mr. Liu Xiaobo ,was put into prison ,even though I not too extreme. Writer ,often harassed by the police, it must be admitted that the progress of China ,because of earlier decades ,these people are faced with direct execution risk ,not in spite of affectation legal procedures.
Mm Wang Xiaoshan thirty-one :Zhang Yimou has become a Chinese official director ,specifically for the official prettify ,flatter artist ,its status similar to Nazi cinema triumph of the will and Olympia female director Leni Riefenstahl.
mm Wang Xiaoshan thirty-two :a civilian government ,Yongzheng; more Yong Yue Yu ,Yue Yu is over ,forming a vicious spiral of be a trend which cannot be halted ,seem to have endless trend of generation after generation of descendants .
Mm this not free ,where thirty-three :National Day ?the famous ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes comedy Lu West Stella Te (Lysistrata ) content is: Greek women in order to allow the men to stop the war ,refused to have sex with her husband .
This trick enough poison ,you fight ,I fight. It was me, surrender immediately ,playing what bird fights, or too sex matters. Thirty-four :RT @ dudiaoweng: &quot ;they can be opened a brothel ,I can not open court ?&quot ;Liu in Guang City Intermediate Court opposite opened a hair salon ,The people court for &quot ;&quot ;industrial and commercial bureau ,was demolished signs .
A few days later, the Guang (&quot ;&quot Guang Technical Institute he is questioned as high-profile opened, industrial and commercial cadre .Thirty-five :&quot ;flow Jun hell tour ,achievements in the human a Wiz .
&quot ;mm Zhong Jingwen with Nie Gannu thirty-six :China is not just what people can love ,in a full of various grades and ranks ,public and legal discrimination in society, patriotic rationing is also a powerful control weapons .
Mm this patriotic rationing and ideological shock like Hongkong thirty-seven: Taiwan should realize ,their freedom and democracy and the mainland have very deep relationship. Only the mainland has become free and democratic countries ,finally meets his own interests.
Or war and dictatorship threat exists ,glad to see Hong Kong news media recently strengthened the mainland government criticism .Thirty-eight :when we start on important things silent time ,is our life begin to end the day .
Mm Martin Luther .Gold thirty-nine :RT @ lazysong: response to user question: if one day ,something happened to China ,not to speak of sinners To me, but still you !If one day you want to say but not to tell ,I do not help you speak ,but itself is not legitimate .
Forty : let the people know the truth ,the country will be safe . Mm Lincoln forty-one :RT @ pearlher: RT @ blogtd: network four big iron : together with the signed chapter pass ,with yellow ,together called party ,to climb over the wall ,forty-two :RT @ amoiist @ ranyunfei Oh ,I talked to a lawyer talked ,his citing says ,State Compensation Law is actually State Compensation Law ,government published every law is to reduce the responsibility of the government forty-three :RT @ bjbj64: Chinese history is a history of Mending Wall and cross the wall ,GFW inherits this system and the traditional game is stupid .
# GFW # AntiGFW forty-four :RT @ bjbj64: analogy incisive, visible to our community ecology has unbalance . RT: @ Xieshan: a school network is committed to the block ,like the school buildings were committed to the demolition ,the law of people committed to illegal ,school environment people committed to pollution in schizophrenia .
So ,what is this country is. Forty-five :RT @ shijinxia: Oh ,just see my students a reading comments: &quot ;the so-called political learning ,but that is pair of socialism And the Chinese Communist Party exhortation to it ,so that some of the basic common sense know nothing at all .
&quot ;their growth ,is all my joy and comfort .Forty-six :@ sada526 to work,don expect others to do ,but do it yourself ,everyone to do their own thing has a comparative advantage .If you you there is such a sense of urgency ,we should start from ourselves .
And change others ,do not like change. Forty-seven :RT @ chiuvon @ ranyunfei a party is not always the party ,only temporarily supporters. We feel that a party of current policies consistent with our interests ,then support ;not in our interest ,we oppose .
For the party ,there is no allegiance to &quot ;&quot ;problems ,instead, always skeptical attitude. To swear allegiance ,it community. Forty-eight :the road out ,bridge was built ,building up ,Olympiad first ,Chang E flying ,sixty Daqing ,which is the country ?Mm13 old Xu Jiaowen little friends forty-nine :some stars ,general psychopathology have issues .
Mm13 year-olds,Xu Jiao Wenru said. I think this sentence should be given to those who played the Founding actor fifty :I .Feel ,China is progress ,but no awareness awake mm13 old Xu Jiaowen little friend says fifty-one :I think ,China can be called the country, but did not rise .
Juvenile, juvenile Guoqiang ;rich ,rich mm Xu Jiaowen the rise of the great powers composition fifty-two :RT @ Itis42: again instead ,the motherland the nonhuman ,but no mother .Until the time of day ,but also to the chrysanthemum .
RT @ ranyunfei: opera reform old words with patriotic Thief : the motherland the nonhuman ,not your mother ,family grass grass ,the you what ?RT @ mozhixu: the motherland of the motherland nonhuman ,no mother ,originally no one objects, grass is no trouble fifty-three :&quot ;academic to academic ,politics is politics ,&quot ;it is never absolute ruler for the monopolization of the public power and to create a language of myth ,but this story has been used as the &quot intellectuals be most willing to academic standards ;&quot ;be willing to abide by ,and .
Mm Xu Ben fifty-four :RT @ mozhixu: the motherland of such things as the personification and sacred,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, belong to the primitive thinking ,teacher Ai Weiwei &lt ;grass mud Ma Zuguo &gt ;video of this morbid thought the best antidote ,please broad patriotic young cynic :Taking fifty-five in their mouth hung Piston / smart ,death ,if today stone valuable ,/ they today is certainly Mason ,/ if tomorrow world super chef assembly ,/ they will immediately took a spatula .
Mm Zhong Ming poem Mandel Stam fifty-six metamorphoses :RT @ shaohuachen: &quot ;&quot the anti-China molecules ;necessary condition :one ,with the universal values of congenital gene ;two ,from feeling to your mind love the motherland ;three ,have keep on carving pursuit of spiritual truth ;four ,still dare to love and hate outspoken dare for the human features .
Fifty-seven: &quot ;&quot ;from the perspective of the world ,any taking place in the country are human disaster to human encroachment and damage. There is no reason for anyone to &quot ;the &quot ;as an excuse ,refuse to outside criticism, or to stand idly by .
Mm Xu Ben &quot ;fifty-eight :is there the world could feel ,will work hard people &quot ;. Mm liberals ,in five ,sixty time Kuomintang Treasury customs agency director Zhou Dewei with couplet ,and said before half called intellectuals ,the second part called five ,sixty time Jiang Jieshi fifty-nine inner freedom has two manifestations :&quot ) ;one is the docility ,other One is his lack of guilt .
&quot ;mm Jaspers Sixty :if the person does not have the consciousness of freedom ,there can be no moral self-discipline. Political tyranny was not the power rulers freedom, but they are completely right and interests are not free.
As for the rulers ,they are not free to create their no self-esteem .A person with no self-esteem ,moral will no longer possible . Mm Xu Ben sixty-one :in a country people way of life is a collective moral sin ,as an individual ,I also have a political reality .
From this way of life emerge ,Hh in moral sin and sin between political there is no absolute barrier .This is why political consciousness more open-minded ,more people can feel the conscience of responsibility .
Mm Jaspers sixty-two :so many disasters ,not only good research ,there is no record ,no more on ordinary people to listen with compassion ,we live in this era did not make great efforts ,we are responsible and guilty .
Mm this is my Xu Ben meets the oral history ,explore the oral history :the Soviet people one article with memory note sixty-three :ideas and thoughts of compulsory Self review is a pair of twin sisters ,and ideological stand stable language is their common &quot ;&quot .
Mm stepmother ;Xu Ben sixty-four :once suffering lost &quot &quot ;expense ;meaning and value ,the victims will no longer possible alone to bear the suffering and despair and madness. At this time, they save that in feeling and understanding heart to perpetrator side .
Mm Xu Ben sixty-five :life in a totalitarian fear in people ,in order to survive ,they must to all people ,including their own silence. This silence is silent &quot ;&quot ;,but also joined the world of lies ,&quot a matter of conscience ;&quot ;to deny the truth .
Mm Xu Ben sixty-six :tens of thousands of ordinary people in the Soviet Union led a double life of &quot ;&quot ;.They felt were treated unfairly ,the Soviet system is divorced ,hand and efforts at self-regulation ,in the system to find a safe .
Mm today the article of Xu Ben Bowen pushed encounter oral history ,explore the oral history :the people of the Soviet Union sixty-seven :General Administration of press and publication is in fact a pure implementation review department .
Mm former news Publishing director Du Daozheng said in sixty-eight :the general will emphasize obedience ,violence ,ruling and being ruled ,it focused on false political of all the elements .
In this will ,Record 2 you stole it,one can find that revolution seeds of terror . Mm Philip Hansen .Historical ,political and civil rights sixty-nine :we must establish and totalitarian ideologies have other the rational way of expression, digestion lies ,in addition to using &quot ;a card is a &quot ;academic research, otherwise not.
Seventy totalitarian ideology) constantly put them at ideological state of shock ,demanding they understood to be executed, not understanding to perform ,constantly training they put the subject into a way of thinking ,the person thought into a survival mode .
Mm Xu Ben seventy-one :to express that in the totalitarian impersonal forces before abandonment and self-dwarf two foot animal ,there is no mediocrity than &quot ;&quot ;two words is more exact .
Mm Keno article seventy-two: who in the totalitarian system in " dedicated to the &quot ;,who was no longer able to distinguish between right and wrong ,not to be aware of their own acts of evil.
He just follow the above instructions ,do not need ,also does not have Personal feelings ,thoughts and remorse . Mm Xu Ben seventy-three :RT @ lianyue: in my opinion ,in the human ,a writer can or revolt ,or subversive ,or resistance ,or resolution ,at least independent of despotism ,his works at most only grammatical value.
Seventy-four :in one cannot eliminate waste the extension of the world, people in the face of evil ,only to resist evil ,overcome evil. Evil is defeated but not extinct ,although wins and cannot stop, and the evil it always exists in the relative in .
Mm Xu Ben seventy-five : traditional doctrine that is loyal to the past ,and the ethics of memory is to understand, on the memory of the past ,this loyalty actually refers to what . Mm renowned ethicist Ma Lee Teuk the ethics of memory in language .
Seventy-six :it is in the person of its own existence out of control ,in the loneliness and anxiety of not know what course to take the case ,totalitarian future blueprint can move people the universal consciousness ,it is possible for a salvation for posing ,its state machine can be justifiably exercise of violence and terror .
Mm Xu Ben seventy-seven :don ,future text volume three thousand, book I have the dog bite dog . Mm Hu Seng Dog two chapter sentence seventy-eight: quack send life strong Yu Fu ,suffering over wind tight like dust .
Mm white small sense of spring two sentence seventy-nine: tyranny caused by ethnic hatred ,in turn, become a tyrant refused reasons of democracy ,but also obtained from the Han chauvinism bewitched the kidnappers and national support .
The hostages die logic ,is China to democracy a Gordian knot . Mm Wang Lixiong eighty :eliminate this obstacle ( a false propaganda and information blockade) ,should be the Chinese intellectuals ,because the greatest knowledge than anything else ,it is truth .
Mm Wang Lixiong eighty-one :and a do not accept criticism of the government ,be harmful to China . Mm Wang Lixiong eighty-two :the road to Auschwitz ,the way of hate ,to pave the way for the cold .
Mm historian ,biography of Hitler ( UK eighty-three ) ,author of Shaw :a person can be made a bayonet on the throne, but not sitting . Mm ( British) Ralph Inge .Eighty-four :no good system construction and selection ,patriotic love a Nazi ,equal to enslave .
Unfortunately ,the second half of the twentieth Century the mainland Chinese are the two parts of the &quot highfalutin ;weapons to &quot ;Plot and causing fatal injuries, many people suffer without realizing it .
Mm it often save long suspected :sixty years of intellectuals suffer why ?Eighty-five :out of the shadow of disaster history ,realize social reconciliation ,is &quot ;no &quot ;up ,not &quot ;in &quot ;it up .
Remember the past disaster and trauma is not to settle debts ,or to answer blows with blows ,but in order to clarify the history is right and wrong ,reconciliation and harmony ,to help establish the justice of the new social relations .
Mm Xu Ben eighty-six :people have the plague HH no one is not affected by the plague invasion . Mm Camus plague .Figure eighty-seven :tarrou says RT @ Dengsheng @ ranyunfei down and subversion is not objective ,in the unremitting efforts to seek in the course of personal and social development ,with the citizen consciousness to replace uprising mentality .
Therefore ,the process of an advance gradually ,won he said that day ,every day is the one day .@ wenyunchao eighty-eight :evil is going to fail, but will not be eradicated, the human always want to win ,but never put things right once and for all .
Mm Camus plague - eighty-nine in Eritrea :I feel to be bound together in a common cause failure ,but not with Saints There is fate .I think ,I to heroism and sage are not interested.
I a person is doing . Mm Camus plague in the courier - 1:Shanghai national security is the most idle boring place public security ,for their evil &quot ;sense of achievement &quot ;particularly strong ,the police should be recorded .
RT @ 5312977 :just received news of her friend ,yesterday because of Network Universal Declaration of human rights is tea ,half an hour ,make notes ,has carried on the education through criticism of Shanghai .
She is just an ordinary citizen ,a girl of 25. 2:Africa relations with China is a love hate relationship .This love more is shown in the aspects of government ,and to Chinese hate is basically from the business ,civil society and the union .
Mm Africa correspondent ,Garner writer and former government minister Elizabeth .Ou Heen 3:all I want to say is discussed ,rather than through preaching. If my aim is to convince others, you wouldn say so full .
Mm Montaigne 4:( one ) for the condemned him and let him know his weaknesses with truth ,hate with gnashing teeth . Mm Pascale 5:fear of past Communist Party since today ,what is today female schoolmate said &quot ;Huang Shiren chic ,elegant ,the white-haired girl can use his capital to develop their individual career .
&quot ;mm in female college students choice view 6: theNational People called on the people to believe that the government ,shows people unelected rubber stamp nature. If you on the constituents responsible for ,so the government is the use of questioning ,criticism of government supervision ,is your duty the.
Mm clumsy article a delegate of National People double tragedy 7:the official ideology of the regime be cynical attitude is really want mm to the regime ,it is subject to its ideology too seriously, and put into practice ,that is the real catastrophe .
Mm Qi Zeke 8:the point . RT @ changjianghuang :@ ranyunfei because of the Communist Party of China ,Taiwan market ,the DPP will not perish 9:unlock in the Round Anti-Japanese War truth study and education ,to establish a national cemetery of revolutionary martyrs ,is self healing.
Want and Japan contributed to the comprehensive history of reconciliation ,his first to truth and reconciliation ,licking their wounds . Mm Liang Wendao 10:the most notable examples are :Westerners as a woman war ,Chinese people do not fight and sent a woman .
I think noble and vulgar Boundary, from the attitude towards women here . Mm He Sanpo 11: RT@ youthfilm :barb event, the government suspected that many crimes ,including the crime of robbery ,fraud ,accused of crime ,crime of unlawful detention ,the crime of intentional injury and organization of underworld crime ,rather than improper enforcement of behavior .
M - Han Han 12: RT@ mashaofang :RT @ qyt_V :do you think that Han Han made a mayor ,The graceful prattle teach you shop location technology all Raiders,can save people in fire ?In the existing system, he also will become a bird ./ / by ,Han Han was elected mayor ,the JB system that is still alive ?You can casually cock Han Han .
13:Hongkong Senator &quot &quot ;plush ;Liang Guoxiong &quot ;cast money today ,tomorrow to vote &quot ;,can be used as a cause of any of our democracy and freedom ,do do everything in one support slogan .
I once wrote an article called from the purchase of Yanhuang Chunqiu to buy the president ,with this purpose .14: he(referring to the zealots ) cannot be persuaded, can only be instigated.
For him, it is not he attaches great nature ,but he is eager to be attachment emotional need . Mm Hoffer fanatics 15:one more it is not worth boast of Office ,the easier it is to boast of his nation ,religion ,race or his participation in the sacred cause .
Mm Hoffer fanatics 16: RT@ zhangfacai :Chongqing Wen Qiang said :actress in my room go ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,3 bad woman let a man fascinated by the most!,I go in her territory .17:unless you use the brain, or free as he hated burden. The self is weak and feeble ,more free again have what use? Mm Hoffer fanatics 18:mass campaign strategy ,is to take a disease to human beings ,and then put myself into medical prescription .
HH a powerful mass movement will cultivate their followers of the guilt . Mm Hoffer fanatics 19:no doubt ,by organizing marches ,review ,rituals and ceremonies and activities ,a mass movement can lead each spiritual resonance .
Even the most sober people because of a spectacular view of the crowd scenes and touched . Mm Hoffer fanatic 20:most of the mass movement can promote the ascetic ideal ,is to develop followers on &quot ;now &quot ;scorn .
Mm Hoffer fanatics 21:when we in mass movements and loss of self independence ,we get a new free mm a deserved no guilt .To hate ,to intimidate ,to lie ,to torture ,to betray the freedom.
There is no doubt that this is part of the appeal of the movement of the mass enclosed . Mm Hoffer fanatics 22:playing the way people at once. Goose-step can stifle thought .Playing the way can be devoid of personality .
Mm rauschning Nazism revolution 23: RT@ zhangyumofashu :Javier in the &quot ;post totalitarian &quot ;when said mm post-totalitarian than ancient autocracy is mild, but in greater depth .
It doesn need to use violence, just to let people &quot ;imaginary fears &quot ;and &quot &quot ;pretend to obey ;enough. Universal &quot ;imaginary fears &quot ;and &quot &quot ;pretend to obey ;has a best effect, is mm totalitarian can sleep without any anxiety of sleep, people will suppress their own .
24:I appreciate Mr. Huang attitude ,our people with perfect duty the others without forgiveness ,tolerance ,harm a lot. &quot ;Huang Heqing: Gao Zhisheng ,I confess ,support you !&quot ;.
25:I firmly believe that :history .Some of the most brutal merciless tyrant and the persecutor ,it will be more firmly believe that they all the doings ,because the goal is reasonable ,so the behavior also is reasonable ,its reason is the only &quot ;Fault type uncertainty &quot ;.
Mm Berlin 26:Chinese language simulation and fool the effect ,make people live in a vacuum without realizing it ,but no one has made this a few years of specialized study ,is very pitiful.
I noticed this long ,have listed a ideology thesaurus ,ready to write between the academic and the essay books to petition .Thank friends W from distant and exotic presented me with a clay puller the language of the Third Reich .
27:toward fascist fire ,let all unfair system death ,toward the sun, toward the free mm late at night ,Jing Lu revolutionary song unity is strength 28: RT@ llsong :people do not think that the government blessing .
Mm Hitler 29:China is a big country with a long fishing :&quot &quot ;blame not ;to catch you when you use the right ;constitution to catch the subversion of state ;not &quot ;autumn is .

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