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A trouser head for a city

Feng Tang, I thought ,a career change ,to change the city ,like a trouser head that simple .When a person from Beijing to the United States ,four six do not understand ,which is a simple check two huge boxes ,portable bag dozens of pirated CDs ,flesh purse several thin piece of 100 yuan ofgreen greenbacks ,the Capital Airport carrying a following orders like spring body such as sorghum syrup to mum and dad ,a wave of the hand ,on the plane tortuosity and sleep ,to U.
S. imperialism place :most people speak English ,flowers and tidy ,the ground no sputum and cigarette butts ,coffee and cola are distributed with a capitalist flavor. So imagine from China Beijing to Hongkong in China, I want to be like a trouser head so simple :old cast-off ,thrown into the washing machine ,the new out of the wardrobe ,kicking two leg sleeve body.
However ,leave Beijing is the first bucket of trouble. Although people actually employed in foreign companies ,but the name and formalities of my unit is foreign Service Corporation foreign resign ,signed a confidentiality and non-competition agreement ,Achieve cStateFormed status before,return the confidential documents ,key ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,secretary ,card ,credit card ,mobile phone ,computer ,but also to foreign service Service company.
In foreign Service Corporation ,I want to balance my various welfare insurance ,housing fund ,the specific amount of algorithms than hedge funds advanced operation is also complex ,basically it give me a card ,give me how I took the number ,the password is not to tell you ,send me a book ,and the card is not a bank ,the card and the bank book what relation, a floor man can tell me understand.
Also, my file must have the talent of the Beijing city ( the company ?Do not know ) ,making hundreds of pieces, don why. I can also exist elsewhere ,but not elsewhere in the foreign companies on-site office ,as elsewhere is which place, where, what price, Beijing city personnel sent on-site office staff do not know .
Besides, my registered permanent residence to save themselves the streets ,my medical insurance card and payment record I want yourself. Then is disposed outside .First a house ,a house first rent out, I rely on the minimalist style of the decoration ,I rented a British Embassy of artistic and cultural projects .
Old man. The project for four years ,the house rent four years. The decoration is the capital of interior design master works of large hole ,big hole is characterized by brilliant ,handy ,there is wit ,Love of women ,who live in the bathhouse ,mobile phone is not in service area .
My house is the Nordic style ,with a real fireplace ,marble ,what &quot ;blue drill of &quot ;and &quot ;black sands ,&quot ;fireplace lazy sleep a dog. Then hole said ,there is not enough time ,&quot ;change of modern Japanese .
Japanese is actually the best inheritance of Han character, and Japanese on .&quot ;later bore large said ,there is not enough time ,&quot ;modification of minimalism ,the money is the best, less is more ,less is good .
&quot ;just as the Chinese cross-talk said ,draw a fan surface ,beauty in Zhang Fei ,Zhang Fei turned into trees ,only the final sector black writing two pyramid thing . Later ,the house to the British ,big hole ,&quot ;Europeans ,artistic vision best .
&quot ;I want to move out, light book had filled forty boxes . Can not be moved to Hongkong ,After a one two one zero,Hongkong,Nike Air Force 1 Mid, an island books are not so much ,these books into my house in Hongkong ,I only have tiptoed sitting toilet bed.
No one can bully ,and parents. The books into the mother original bedroom ,box pile three layer in the United States of America . Mom rants ,floor to collapse .I said ,I have asked hole big ,civilian floor design strength is a square one hundred and fifty Kg ,actual load capacity of up to three hundred kilograms ,average down my book ,Deviation, coverage, representative action -- grasp the index fund,that is a square meters more than 130 kilos.
Mom continues in the United States rants ,floor to collapse ,downstairs lived by is a good man. I said ,you can rest assured ,I read after the floor ,also jumped better ,no collapse,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce, but also to the CAI uncle once, the ceiling also did not see the crack from the United States to call ,is the sister ,said the mother dream book box from a house and some to the other house ,be tired out ,heart attack .
In addition to the house ,and broadband network ,I tell the British Embassy .Said the old man ,or keep it, Beijing is not loft sell ,your wife is not in ,he said ,yeah yeah . There is a mobile phone ,a voice mail, in English the book again, I said ,I go to the south ,you have to put down repeated several times .
Listen to the recording, only reluctantly accepted ,the phone that Drake voice male voice is my own. Then is disposed outside the west the Summer Palace and the Imperial Palace way. After butt on the now ,I do not go with ,but with all his strength ,a venomous look ,smell the nose ,to touch the place slowly touch two :one is a mulberry tree ,The other one is mulberry .
Antique City take away ,but the bad guy to do business small Cui comfort me ,Hongkong has a Hollywood Road ,Lane also has bad guy jade business ,if my eyesight than they are ,these bad guy business occasionally forced to row man ,&quot ;also, there are remember ,don ,handed down ,as long as the students certain open pit goods.
&quot ;Xiao Cui said. A mercenary friend do not go with me ,in the time of a week ,every day to catch the three Bureau ,are seen ,at least over three or four months ,do not go to think Corelle massage eye Dragon old leucorrhea do not go ,I have made three clock ,the body begins to restore elasticity becomes as sorghum syrup ,&quot ;don ,I decided to start next month to the next sunrise middle school learning to swim ,I heard from the Pearl River Estuary to swim across Hongkong is not far away ,heard the cheapest Hongkong massage a clock to one hundred and thirty-eight Yuan HK.
&quot ;one-eyed old white said. The Sanlian bookstore can take ,and bought the dozen ,baggage hold ,continue to pile into a pile of three layer on the bookcase ,but under a floor slab by there is always a risk ,anyway, mom finds floor to collapse ,given a ticket, said doctors permission on the fly come back ,adjust the bookcase ,save by .
And then to Hongkong in the Two barrels trouble :travel permits ,work procedures ,house ,mobile phone number and notify all the comrades, bank account ,broadband registration ,bookstore ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,technical good Blind Massage Institute ,various bank card flight mileage card connection way of updating .
Work needs ,or to go to Shekou ,then have to third barrels trouble :travel procedures ,work procedures ,house ,mobile phone number and notify all the comrades, bank account ,broadband registration ,bookstore ,technical good Blind Massage Institute ,various bank card flight mileage card connection way of updating .
Don much less than Hongkong Shekou trouble. The same call China Mobile and China Construction Bank ,Beijing branch and the Guangdong branch is almost two .I don have any hope. So ,if not considered missing ,entanglement ,repeatedly ,as well as two friends group, was a wife also trouble.
Actually,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, my wife and I have their own identity card ,passport ,mobile phone ,separate account and house ,technical good blind massage can be shared .Round manhole said ,in fact ,now under the new divorce laws ,procedures can be simple, the future will be more convenient :a machine like ATMs ,two individuals with a marriage certificate a brush ,automatic divorce machine glass cover is open, the screen Say ,you want a divorce ?Two people at the same time according to the Y ,then press a fingerprint identification, automatic divorce machine out of a pair of scissors ,cut up the marriage certificate ,then a small hand ,one a slap fanned out ,then ended.
The socialist market economy ,WTO ,Olympic Games will come .Good days ,if not ever-young ,always hope to prolong life .Two ways to prolong life .First ,live longer. If you live to be one hundred and sixty years old ,compared to ordinary people ,you will be alive two lifetime.
Second ,more changes. Every day a pants head ,every week for a desktop and the MSN display name ,monthly change the net name and email address ,every two or three years for a city ,compared to ordinary people ,you live for generations .

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