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Baidu said split, change a place maybe Baidu had been removed _

Recently Cai Jiming CPPCC members bill split baidu this matter, caused all the heat ,personally think we need not get excited over a little thing to put on this proposal ,in Europe and the United States on Baidu now the doings ,split ,litigation estimation had been the implementation of.
1984 year,the United States telecommunications giant AT&amp ;T was forced into a a franchise of long-distance telephone business of the company and a number of local telephone company. Similar events in Europe and the United States have occurred, is in neighboring Asian countries have similar case .
The famous Microsoft is one of the .2004 in August 27th ,including the San Francisco and Losangeles, the United States of California city government to a Microsoft Corp sued, accusing them of abuse in a personal computer operating system monopoly status ,to commodity set unreasonable prices.
A federal court ruling will Microsoft decomposition into two Independent Company ,a specialized operating system ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,a franchise of computer application software operating system .The franchise company will prohibit the production and operation of the IE browser .
After decomposition of two ten years not allowed to alliance ,is also not allowed to share information .Computer software and hardware manufacturer in the test the product compatibility ,Flower interested with water, water unintentionally love flower,micro Soft must provide them released its corresponding software source code.
After decomposition ,including Microsoft president Gates, senior management staff can only have one of a company .This award really is &quot ;knife knife something &quot ;,all hit Microsoft monopoly key.
Microsoft to escape the fate of being divided ,put forward a discipline plan, agree with the Windows operating system boot interface hidden browser IE ,allows the computer manufacturers can be more free to use other Microsoft software .
.. ... In September 17, 2007, the European Court of first instance rejected Microsoft on the European Commission antitrust appeal .During the 3 years of the defense failed to make the European Court of first instance on fine make no concessions.
Microsoft because of suspected monopoly was sentenced to a $613000000 ticket price. Moreover, search search engine leader Google ,also because of the monopoly problem ,in the European Union lawsuit .
2010 3 Internetsite called the Google search engine business they are filtered to interpose searchs a result ,resulting in these sites by commercial interests loss ,unfair business competition.
Therefore ,the European Commission launched an antitrust investigation against Google Corporation .Complaint initiated one of the company Foundem announced that ,by Google &quot ;search to punish &quot ;give the website business brings adverse effect .
The EU has for the matter over survey orgnaization of European Union antitrust because also accepted a number of companies about Google monopoly lawsuit ,began to Google Corporation for further investigation ,litigation includes heavyweight newspapers alliance ,map Service Corporation .
Speculation ,Google even to avoid being split into a number of business the company ,it is very difficult to avoid High fines ,and will be the EU a key regulatory target. And Microsoft and Google monopoly behavior than, baidu approach is arguably more in a flagrant way .
Use Baidu Baidu search time ,its own post bar ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the Baidu Baidu know Baidu Baidu Encyclopedia ,library ,basically occupy second pages of content ,the user points point to ,Hsu Chi Valentine's day hope to love let foreigners left to get right close Figure ,use did not leave the baidu enveloped .
This and Microsoft tying their other software than, have different approaches but equally satisfactory results . Results Baidu PPC ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid,search results for operation behavior ,basically is disclosed ,in contrast to the Google Google justice ,never from survey and Baidu .
And now the Internet industry has begun vigilance ,baidu is evident in the abuse of a dominant market position ,Nike Air Force 1 Low,the manual intervention of search results ,some small and medium enterprises ,More Details,stationmaster ,take no payment is not included in the normal form of exploitation, &quot ;&quot blackmails sale ;more and more become aggravated .
Baidu open platform &quot ;&quot ;just make one .Baidu based on his own search command ,bundled with other business ,it and the Microsoft operating system bundled ,tied by IE player behavior varies.
Baidu Baidu Baidu almost to search into the search. Baidu has become a target for all ,according to the recent foreign media news ,March 1st the United States Trade Representative ( USTR ) has recently sold a Baidu and taobao.
com inclusion of counterfeit and pirated products annual &quot ;&quot ( notorious market notoriety market list. The United States trade representative points out ,Baidu using &quot ;deep links &quot ;guide buyers to purchase the infringing products ;in March 3rd by the 4 Japanesepublishers association, a group formed to Baidu Baidu pressure requirement already ,take measures to prevent the user from Baidu Library &quot ;&quot ;illegal uploading copyrighted material .
So the Interactive Encyclopedia of Baidu litigation ,My blueberry nights,personal feel that is Chinese enterprise legal consciousness ,awareness of self protection in a progress. In the numerous small and medium-sized enterprise by Baidu monopoly pressure ,chose to remain silent and give money when, Interactive Encyclopedia stood out ,resolutely bang the drum for sb.
China Internet antitrust ,it takes courage . But China legislation and judicial institutions would like Europe and the United States ,on the it remains to be seen .Handle net user will become
China ipad2 owner in three poor acting and destroy life between decisive choice to the former Important note :be wary of false information in the MSN Space winning reminiscing day handle

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